Thursday , 27 January 2022
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Sacred Geometry Shows Deeper Connections Between Science & Spirituality


As our understanding of Sacred Geometry develops, we begin to see deeper connections between Science & Spirituality, between unified field theories and consciousness. This enlightening post from EWAO expands on Einstein’s idea that geometry holds the key to creating a unified equation for the Universe. Unified Field of Consciousness Einstein believed that there was an equation for a Unified Field ... Read More »

10 Tips to Harness Spirituality and Fill Your Life with Good Vibes

Walking on water at sunset

Harnessing your own subtle spiritual energy can effectively increase the good vibes in your life, filling your life with positivity and success. This post from puts together a list of ten practical tips to easily raise your vibrations. I used to view my spirituality as a quirky, weird secret that I had to hide. Today, with the rise of ... Read More »

The Creative Power of Frequency and Vibration


If you want to truly heal your body or want to understand how life works, you need to study how frequency and vibration create matter and life. Frequency and vibration are sometimes used interchangeably but they do have their differences. Frequency is the cyclic pattern of scalar waves or standing waves. The speed at which energy contracts and expands is ... Read More »

Alpha Theta Neurofeedback


Alpha brainwaves are closely tied to feelings of intense relaxation and inventive thinking. We tend to be more creative when Alpha waves are our state of mind. Occurring at frequencies between 7-12 Hz, Alpha waves make us alert while simultaneously decreasing feelings of anxiety or stress. Like Alpha waves, Theta waves are also attached to feelings of relaxation. Theta waves ... Read More »

Brainwave Therapy: Binaural Beats

the dj sound

At any given moment, our brains are being affected by our external worlds. These stimuli that are constantly surrounding us cause our brains to respond in a different manner. If you’re involved in a highly focused task or conversation, or if you’re playing a sport, your brainwaves are most likely at a higher frequency than when you’re relaxing or falling ... Read More »