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Genius Awakening was created to lead people to a better understanding of self and others in order to navigate our world at a higher and more awakened level of being. Together we will explore the depths of consciousness in order to evolve beyond our current paradigms into a world of love, joy and peace. Oksana and Larry Ostrovsky are passionate guides of this space.

Pioneering Research: New Anti Aging Treatments On Their Way

Supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice (photo source:

A huge anti-aging breakthrough finds how human skin cell batteries burn out. This opens a new era of anti aging treatments. This post from FEELguide discusses this pioneering research on aging. A breakthrough in understanding human skin cells offers a pathway for new anti-ageing treatments. For the first time, scientists at Newcastle University, UK, have identified that the activity of a ... Read More »

10 Incredibly Surprising Facts About Our Earth!


Check out these amazing facts about our Earth that are sure to surprise you. This article from Trendingpost has put together ten little-known facts about our planet. Our mother earth is really a wonder ball of sorts. We may be living on this earth, but most of us are just not aware of some of the wonderful facts about earth. ... Read More »

11 DIY Ideas for Organizing All Areas of Your Life


Take a cue from these DIY ideas to get better organized, maximize productivity and feel calm and balanced. This post from DIY Star brings to you eleven life changing organizing tips to super organize your life. There always seems to be something that people forget, whether it be an appointment, a bill, or some assignments. When you’ve got commitments going ... Read More »

Artificial Intelligence Takes a Giant Leap by Cracking Go

Google's AlphaGo algorithm has won two games out of five.		Google via Getty Images

Artificial intelligence gets a big push forward with AlphaGo, a computer Go program developed by Google DeepMind, winning against Lee Sedol, the world’s best Go player. This post from highlights the victory of artificial intelligence over the naturally evolved kind. Artificial intelligence just overcame a new hurdle: learning to play Go, a game thousands of times more complex than ... Read More »

How Relevant Is Philosophy to the 21st Century?


Questions that were once firmly in the domain of philosophy are now being mulled over by the front running thinkers of 21st century. This post from OZY delves into the relevance of old philosophy to the future and wonders if that B.A. in philosophy just might be useful in 2059. Enter a bookstore, while they still exist. Walk toward the ... Read More »

5 Productivity Tips for Overcoming Procrastination


When we put off doing something for tomorrow, we fail to take into account that overcoming procrastination will be equally difficult tomorrow. This post from lists five procrastination pointers that can help you in finally nailing the tasks that have been lingering in your to-do list for weeks or months. Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies we have ... Read More »

Canada to Give Basic Income a Try


Basic income – a salary just for being alive, without conditions or qualifications – gives every human equal standing. This post from Tech.Mic describes how Canada will experiment with giving out basic income, a salary for just being human. When robots come to take our jobs — not just assembly-line work, but truly every kind of job — humans will ... Read More »

How to Make the Most of Synchronicity in Your Life


Synchronicity can help you make choices in your life, because it is a form of guidance from the Universe. This post from sheds light on how to use Synchronicity in your life for your greatest good. Synchronicity appeared to be at work on my recent Mediterranean cruise. I found myself sitting next to or speaking with people who had ... Read More »

Why We Need Leap Years


We need leap years because the solar system doesn’t care about our calendar. This post from Vox explains, in simple terms, how leap years are used as a corrective measure to help synchronize the calendar year with the solar year. This fact has been vexing humans for centuries: Earth‘s year (one orbit around the sun) isn’t neatly divisible by its ... Read More »