Thursday , 23 September 2021
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Genius Awakening was created to lead people to a better understanding of self and others in order to navigate our world at a higher and more awakened level of being. Together we will explore the depths of consciousness in order to evolve beyond our current paradigms into a world of love, joy and peace. Oksana and Larry Ostrovsky are passionate guides of this space.

A New Huge Galaxy Adds to the List of Galaxies Orbiting Ours


An extremely dim, huge galaxy, that eluded detection until now, has been added to the growing list of galaxies orbiting ours. This post from The Mind Unleashed reports how the astronomers spotted a giant ‘invisible’ galaxy orbiting our Milky Way. An intriguing discovery was just made – our Milky Way appears to be orbited by a huge galaxy we had ... Read More »

The Grand Scheme Behind Chemtrails


Chemtrails are just a part of an overall agenda humanity needs to wake up to before we can begin to counter it. This post from Waking Times creates awareness about the grand scheme behind control programs like Chemtrails, Terraforming, and Transhumanism. What most people are not allowing to coalesce in their consciousness is the grand scheme behind the so-called chemtrail ... Read More »

An Empowering Glimpse of the World of Karma


Understanding the laws of karma is key to empowerment. This post from In5D explains 12 little known laws of karma that will likely change your life. What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have a reaction’. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that ... Read More »

Federal Government Agency Behind Mysterious Boxes On Utility Poles


All around the nation, mysterious technology is being installed in our cities and neighborhoods by federal government agencies. This post from Waking times delves into why the government is installing mysterious boxes on utility poles. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives has claimed ownership of a mysterious box that was removed from a utility pole in Phoenix, ... Read More »

A Carbon Dioxide Turbine Than Can Power 10,000 Homes!


An innovative turbine, that can potentially address the twin issues of carbon dioxide pollution and energy crisis, is being prototyped. This post from The Mind Unleashed showcases a desk-size turbine that produces electricity from carbon dioxide and can power 10,000 homes. General Electric (GE) Global Research has just announced the development of a prototype turbine which converts carbon dioxide into ... Read More »

Animal Communicator Reveals What’s Really Killing Bees


A former cell phone industry worker, and an animal communicator, exposes the harm EMF radiation is doing to bees. This post from Waking Times highlights how a mobile phone industry whistleblower reveals the plight of honeybees. You may already be aware how humanity is killing bees through a variety of methods. In an earlier articleThe Top 4 Reasons for the Bees Dying ... Read More »

Climate Change Is Affecting the Rotation of the Earth


New research sheds light on how ice loss driven by climate change is affecting the rotation of the Earth. This post from Climate Central discusses the impact of climate change on polar motion. The spin of the earth is a constant in our lives. It’s quite literally why night follows day. And while that cycle isn’t going away, climate change ... Read More »

Do Wit and Intelligence Go Hand in Hand?


Does an advanced sense of humor signify a higher level of intelligence? Get to know what scientists have to say on it in this post from! We all have that one friend – the one who has such a quick wit, the one with a snappy hilarious comeback, the one who can have a room laughing with their one-liners and ... Read More »