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Seeing how people tick is at the heart of Antonia’s natural ability to understand how people systems work. She is an author, thought leader, coach, trainer, systems thinker, and personality profiling expert.  At the age of 15 Antonia picked up a book on personality psychology and her world changed forever. She began to see the patterns of why people do what they do – not based on behavior alone – but based on how the mind works. Antonia has co-developed a 6-month profiler training course that teaches coaches and business professionals how to "speed read" people, understand how their mind works and and then work with the unique personality for achievement, life purpose, or team building.

One of the Biggest Challenges In Understanding Personality Types


Possibly one of the most established concepts about personality types in social consciousness is the difference between “Introverts” and “Extraverts.” The differences are explained as ‘shy, quiet, needing a lot of alone time’ (for Introverts) and ‘bombastic, people-oriented, energetic’ (for Extraverts). Regardless whether or not people have a truly accurate understanding of the differences, they have enough understanding to ‘get’ ... Read More »

Understanding Personality Development Tools: The Car Model

who are you

Human beings are crazy complex. There are so many components it’s truly impossible to fully know ourselves in a single lifetime. We have parts of ourselves that want one thing, and other parts that seem to want the exact opposite. Wrestling with doubt, confusion or lack of clarity can be maddening. Getting a handle on some of those parts can ... Read More »

Why We Need Personality Development Tools


It’s interesting to hear how people talk about personality. Often we see it as either something that is totally static (I had one person describe themselves as “unchanging as the tide”),  or we believe it’s something that morphs until we become an entirely different personality. When profiling people, I can’t count the number of times people have told me their ... Read More »

The Greatest Unmet Need Of An Intuitive


From big companies (like Oracle and Zappos) to small ones and solopreneurs, from individuals trying to get to the next level to couples in failing relationships, to people just trying to figure out what they want in life. In almost every context, when I profile and coach an Intuitive I hear the same story again and again: “My parents just ... Read More »

How are You Smuggling Your Emotions?


What’s the difference between being “right” and being “happy?” Could you be sabotaging your relationships without realizing it? At the border between two South American countries, a patrolman stops a man with a donkey. He acknowledges the man and lets him proceed without suspicion. The next day he does the same thing, finding it odd that the man traveled through ... Read More »

What Horror Movies Taught Me


I had a really interesting experience lately. I’ve been sick for about a month. Every time I thought I was getting better a new symptom would start up. I’ve learned a TON of compassion for people who have chronic illness, and as I slowly recover I tip my hat to people who live with illness knowing they may not. But ... Read More »

13 Quotes that Could Change Your Life (Part I)


Almost 800 years ago, a Sufi mystic and poet lived and penned the wisdom of his age. In the Muslim world he’s known as Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, but in the English speaking world he’s known simply as “Rumi.” As with all people whose words have had the heaviest influence on social consciousness, Rumi’s wisdom crosses the lines of culture, ... Read More »

How to Make 2013 Kick Much Ass

happy family 01

There’s a quote I’ve always found really interesting in the book Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. You may have heard it before, it’s quoted pretty often: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy it its own way.” I’m not sure if that’s empirically true, but it fits my observation pretty well. I think Tolstoy’s point was that ... Read More »