Thursday , 27 January 2022
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About Us

Genius Awakening was created from a passion to awaken and elevate consciousness. Genius Awakening originally started as a personality typology project using Jungian psychology to help people understand themselves and the world around them.

It has now evolved into blog with contributors around the globe coming together to inspire the evolution of humanity.

“Study of false personality is one of the quickest methods for self-remembering. The more you understand your false personality, the more you will remember yourself. What prevents self-remembering is, first of all, false personality. It cannot and does not wish to remember itself, and it does not wish to let any other personality remember. It tries in every possible way to stop self-remembering, takes some form of sleep and calls it self-remembering. Then it is quite happy. You must not trust your false personality—its ideas, its words, its actions. You cannot destroy it, but you can make it passive for some time and then, little by little, you can make it weaker.” ~P D Ouspensky