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6 Ways Happy People Prioritize Their To-Do List

To Do ListWe all come to a point in life when after all the running around we have done, we ask a simple question – what can I begin to do today to make my life happier? You will notice that when you focus your attention on the right things, you are happy. With the limited time and resources that we have, we need to know what to focus on first. Here are 6 ways to prioritize your life and your to-do list daily to bring you more happiness and peace.

1. No multitasking

It feels great to multitask, given the number of things you need to do today. So, what’s wrong if you are cooking, listening to a show on TV and talking to your child about a problem she has? Epic fail. Your food will not turn out the way you wanted it to and your child will probably be pretty upset sharing her time with the TV and pots. Depending on situations, learn how to do one thing at a time and focus on it with your full attention. If you are playing with your child, see the value in it and enjoy what is happening while it is happening. You will see how these little things make you smile, not the big things in life.

2. Family and friends

This is probably one part of your life that is important no matter what I write about. Nurturing relationships that are close to your heart is a way of telling these people that you care. When you prioritize them in your life, you are simply reinforcing the care to them. Make these people your top priority always – partner, family and close friends. After all, your life would be pretty meaningless if they were not in your life.

3. Importance, not urgency

There is a big difference between important things in life and urgent things in life. While we should be prioritizing on the important things in our lives, we often end up giving top priority to the urgent matters that present themselves in front of us. Make a list of all these things. Everything might look important and urgent at the same time, initially. As you think deeper, you will see the list separate itself. For example, spending some quality time with your loved ones, versus a social obligation. Often, we would postpone the former for the latter. Soon that becomes a habit. Stop yourself and evaluate.

4. Let the past be the past.

Let old thoughts, old pains, old regrets remain where they should be- in the past. They have no place in the present and certainly none in the future. You will not see anything new no matter how many times you visit the past. Don’t let something that happened get in the way of something that is happening. Past experiences teach us lessons, and you should take these lessons with you in time. Don’t let the critic in you pull you down with not-so-nice experiences of the past. Remind yourself daily that you are not going to allow the disappointments of yesterday ruin your today. You are going to try again and again till things set right.

5. Self-respect

Do you ever listen to how you speak to yourself? If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way, would you still be together? When you demand self-respect from the world around you, the first person you should be getting it from is yourself. The way you treat yourself sets the standards for the way others will treat you. Make sure that in everything you do, you have respected yourself.

6. Breathing space

Welcome life’s twists and turns and embrace them. Things don’t always go as planned so as much as you have organized your life, don’t agonize over little things that don’t work out. The energy spent on this is not worth it. Keep your schedule organized but a little underbooked so you can breathe, so you don’t have to worry and fret when something arises. Leave some time for yourself too. The most stressed people are those with packed schedules where they can not only add nothing, but become slaves of life with no time for themselves either.

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