Tuesday , 24 November 2020
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6 Surprising Facts About Rejection


They say life is a journey, meant to be experienced, cherished, and enjoyed. However, what they often fail to mention is that life can hurt too, a lot. It does so often and with relish, and the biggest weapon at its disposal is rejection. We have all experienced it, in one form or another, and in all walks of life ... Read More »

Feeling Upset, Down, Or Simply Pissed Off? READ this

attitude is everything

We all heard before that attitude is everything. But there are moments in life when certain words, events, or thoughts really making it hard to look at life with a positive attitude. So how do you change it? Check out 29 best quotes that will help you lift your mood and adjust your attitude in no time! 1. “We are ... Read More »

Brainwave Therapy: Binaural Beats

the dj sound

At any given moment, our brains are being affected by our external worlds. These stimuli that are constantly surrounding us cause our brains to respond in a different manner. If you’re involved in a highly focused task or conversation, or if you’re playing a sport, your brainwaves are most likely at a higher frequency than when you’re relaxing or falling ... Read More »