Saturday , 18 September 2021
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Could Lying Be Good For You? The Truth May Shock You

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As much as people claim to value honesty, sometimes you have to ask yourself if anyone on this earth is completely honest. And if no one on the planet is completely honest, then what is “wrong” with lying? People around the world face the same choice on a daily basis as to whether to tell the truth or bend the ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why Making Plans Is A Bad Idea

making plans

Modern-day technology is a gift and enables us to plan effectively both in our professional and social environments. We have email, SMS, online calendars and hand-held devices where we can store appointments, commitments and other useful pieces of information. Related: 15 Self-Imposed Commitments That Aren’t Making You Happier, Healthier, or Better It is necessary to make plans. Our lives could end ... Read More »