Sunday , 5 December 2021
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Climate Change Is Affecting the Rotation of the Earth


New research sheds light on how ice loss driven by climate change is affecting the rotation of the Earth. This post from Climate Central discusses the impact of climate change on polar motion. The spin of the earth is a constant in our lives. It’s quite literally why night follows day. And while that cycle isn’t going away, climate change ... Read More »

10 Incredibly Surprising Facts About Our Earth!


Check out these amazing facts about our Earth that are sure to surprise you. This article from Trendingpost has put together ten little-known facts about our planet. Our mother earth is really a wonder ball of sorts. We may be living on this earth, but most of us are just not aware of some of the wonderful facts about earth. ... Read More »

Alien Megastructure May Not Be Alien After All

photo credit: diversepixel/Shutterstock

Two weeks of observations have dismissed the faint possibility that a huge alien megastructure discovered around a star could be artificial in nature. This post from IFL Science discusses the findings of SETI Institute. Take down the “Welcome Aliens!” bunting and pack away the cosmic red carpet. New observations have suggested that the “alien megastructure” spotted around a distant star is ... Read More »