Thursday , 6 August 2020
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Speedy Detection to Stay Ahead of Mosquito Borne Diseases

Red means a disease is present to Sandia National Laboratories' researchers Cameron Ball and Robert Meagher as they test their QUASR, for quenching of unincorporated amplification signal reporters, technique to detect the presence of malaria and viruses like West Nile. Simple enough for field labs and handheld devices, QUASR's positive signal is 10 times brighter than a negative signal.
Credit: Dino Vournas, Sandia National Laboratories

In a bid to stay ahead of mosquito borne diseases, researchers have developed a glow device for speedy and accurate detection of West Nile and other viruses. This post from Science Daily sheds light on the simple technique for lighting up disease carrying mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are deadly efficient at spreading disease. Despite vaccines and efforts to eradicate the pesky insects, ... Read More »