Thursday , 28 October 2021
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The Power Of Our Chakras


So, what exactly is our existence? Is it just our physical self, the mechanics of our body from inside? Or is it all about the much-discussed spiritual enlightenment, which is ironically, now considered the most glamorous piece of conversation in the social circuit? Well, both of our sides, the physical and spiritual stem from a single living force, which is ... Read More »

6 Ways To Unleash The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind


Be it your work, relationships, family life or even your role in the social circuit; if you always strive to achieve the best and reach the pinnacle, then its time you learnt how to unleash the powers of your subconscious mind. The human mind has an amazing ability to learn, mold and even retrain itself, but only if you know ... Read More »

7 Steps to Think Like a Genius


At this very moment, you are holding unbound potential. You hold within your possession the most powerful learning and creative problem-solving system known to man, far superior to any supercomputer ever invented. It is your brain. There are 100 billion neurons in your 3-pound brain. By its very design, the human brain stores vast potential for memory, learning, and creativity. ... Read More »