Monday , 30 March 2020
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Smell of Alcohol Explored to Understand Alcoholic Behavior

Credit: © vladimirfloyd / Fotolia

Scientists explored the smell of alcohol as a trigger for alcoholic behavior to further understand addiction and substance abuse. This post from Science Daily discusses the study that proved that smell of alcohol makes it hard to resist. The smell of alcohol may make it harder for people to control their behaviour according to a team of Edge Hill University ... Read More »

Should Sugar Be Considered a Drug of Abuse?

Robert Lustig, left, and Mark Hyman, right, attend a screening of 'Fed Up.'		Alberto Rodriguez / Getty Images Entertainment

Sugar qualifies to be considered as a dangerous drug of abuse but it is legal. In this post from Vox, Robert Lustig puts forward the case for treating sugar like a dangerous drug. Robert Lustig is a medical expert at the University of California, San Francisco, who has written extensively about the major health problems attributed to sugar. He’s written ... Read More »

Magnesium Deficiency and Increasing Toxicity Lead to Disease


In this age of toxicity, the link between stress, magnesium deficiency, and disease is becoming more pronounced. This post from Collective Evolution highlights the impact of declining magnesium levels and rising toxicity on our health. Our world is invaded with toxicity, radiation, and synthetic materials thanks to toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, GMO foods, and more. And while mainstream media continues ... Read More »