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5 Ways To Unlock Your Inner Genius

unlock geniusYou undoubtedly have your own definition of what comprises a genius. Whether you subscribe to a purely statistical analysis of the subject whereby a person of a certain IQ score is a genius, or if you believe that being a genius means that one is a visionary or an inventor, or if you have a checklist of characteristics that one has to possess to reach genius classification, there are commonalities among geniuses. To unlock your inner genius, consider implementing some of the following into your life:

1. Learn to love learning

Perhaps the thought of “learning” conjures up images of sitting in a lecture hall learning about calculus or microbiology, but fear not. Learning doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, you can and should learn to love it. There are two steps to take to bring this concept to fruition: First, figure out something you actually want to learn about and then figure out your learning style. Consider the last time you were successful at learning something new. What steps did you take to learn it? How did you process the information and practice it? Once you take the time to understand what you like to learn and how you learn best, you’ll develop a new love for learning and be on your way to releasing your genius.

2. Welcome the unknown

You’ve heard the old saying by Heraclitus, “The only thing constant is change.” This is quite true. Geniuses not only know this, but embrace it, for it is often that in times of change and transition that knowledge, innovation, and discovery are most prolific. The next time you are advised of a change – big or small – decide that you are going to face it with open arms. Think of the ways that you could be impacted by the change and, instead of worrying about what may happen, get excited about the opportunities that may result.

3. Quantity over quality

Those people that we consider geniuses didn’t have one good idea that stuck and was adopted immediately worldwide. In fact, whatever genius you may be thinking of right now probably had hundreds, even thousands, of ideas before the BIG one. One theory posits that in order to become an expert or a master of something, one needs 10,000 hours of practice. Consider this for a moment. If you’re learning something new, get as much exposure to it as you possibly can. Read about it. Attend seminars and courses on the topic. Practice. The more you can be immersed in learning, the more mastery you’ll derive.

4. Embrace the uniqueness of your ideas

Another trait that many geniuses possess is thinking outside the proverbial box. Sure, this may be an overused term, especially as of late, with companies and individuals trying to be unique and innovative. But consider the ideas of geniuses past. These ideas (and, in many cases, the people themselves) were not widely accepted by the whole of society. In most cases, many ideas that we now consider works of brilliance and genius were the ones that were initially eschewed by society and dismissed as strange. Thirty years ago, Bill Gates’ vision of having a computer in every home and on every desk was laughed at. Computers were far too large and expensive. Now it’s almost impossible to think of our lives without a computer on our desk, in our home, and in our pockets and handbags. So, the next time you have a crazy idea, go with it. Don’t dismiss it and don’t limit yourself with judgment.

5. Take on something you’re unsure you can do

Consider Mr. Gates’ vision of a computer in every home. That was his objective – the ultimate thing he wanted to make happen. He made it his goal to figure out a way to do that. It certainly took years and there were undoubtedly times where he didn’t know if he could ever accomplish it. Think of something that you’ve always wanted to do or wanted to learn. What’s stopping you? Is it your doubt in your ability to see it through or even get started? So what. Do it anyway. Be ambitious.

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