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4 Things You Will Regret About Today

screen-capture-327I was reading a journal a few days ago; written by a 90 year old woman who truly believed she had lived her life a thousand times over. She mentioned that she has seen and touched and danced and sung and climbed and meditated and lived honestly. She also mentioned that if she were to die tomorrow, she would have no regrets. How many of us can say even half of that for our lives so far? Here are some top regrets people have and some ideas on how to avoid the grief that comes with them.

1. Allowing uncertainty to hold you

There are times in our lives when we cannot see where we are going, and when every step seems uncertain. Trust your soul’s inner GPS at times like these and let your intuition guide you and you will get to the right destination. You will be the right person, at the right place and time doing the right things. Trust your instincts and don’t always second guess yourself. Remember that every decision and every step you take, even getting out of bed, is a small risk. Trust yourself when you take these risks. When you decide not to get out of bed just to hold on to safety, it is like dying a slow death without having lived at all. If you are going to live this life, is it not easier to live it with certainty and motivation?

2. Focusing on past failures and not on present opportunities.

We all have failed, we all have been hurt, we all have been disappointed…..sometimes more than a bit. On the other hand it is also just as true that you have been loved and have loved. You have risked and you have received rewards. You have not only grown older, you have also become wiser with every experience in life. Realize that you cannot undo things that you have done in the past, no matter how hard you try. If you spend time trying to change the past, you are only wasting your present and future. Forget all that has happened in the past. Take it as lessons and move on to present opportunities. Look at the toddler who stumbles a hundred times before getting it right and walking. Mistakes are important as they are learning opportunities. Don’t spend the rest of your life thinking about why you didn’t do it right….do it now.

3. Not saying what you need to say.

Why would you let all the things you want to say remain bottle dup inside you? People may not always understand what you have to say, but it is still important to say it for your peace of mind. If you appreciate someone’s actions today, tell them. If you are touched by someone’s gesture, say it to them. Don’t leave hearts confused and hurt by things not said. There may not be a tomorrow and today is all you have. Say what you want to to your parents, to your spouse and to your children and friends today. Waiting for tomorrow is never a good idea.

4. Not spending enough time smiling and laughing with the people you love.

You end up leaving a lot of important things left unsaid when you don’t talk to the people you love. When you don’t spend time with your loved ones, you end up leaving a lot of unfelt emotions in your heart. Spend time with your family, with your loved ones, with your friends and with people who matter. Nurture your relationships because these are the people who will be there with you for the rest of your life.

You will, just like the woman at the start of the article, think about the beginning when you are closer to your end. Make the thoughts make you smile. Live your life today. Live for what you think is right and for what you believe in. Live for what is important to you, for your loved ones. Never forget to tell them what they mean to you. Do whatever it is you need to do to live a worthwhile life. Because there are only so many days left for us all…

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