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Settling For Less? Your Emotional State Is The One To Blame

Goal-SettingDo you usually catch yourself settling for less? Do you know why you do it?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people in the world yet so few millionaires?

When it comes to relationships, you probably know five people who are alone who don’t want to be. Yet, if you asked any one of them what it would take to find the right partner, most could give you a step-by-step list of what they could do to find that person.

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So here’s the $1 million question: If we know what to do and it’s a good idea, why don’t we do it?

Michael Bernoff, a personal development results coach and a trained Neuro Linguistic Programming expert, explains most of us know what we need to be doing to be happier, have more success or have the relationships we really want.

That’s not really the problem. Michael says most of us hit the wall and just stop. The culprit? It’s our emotional state.

We allow ourselves to get into the wrong emotional state and it wreaks havoc on following though with what we need to be doing.

What does that mean?

Here’s an example of how the wrong emotional state can work. The professional basketball player starts the game in a ‘winning’ state of emotion. Then sometime in the first quarter, he drops the ball. If that player can immediately revert back to his ‘winning’ state of mind, the dropped ball is just something that happened, an isolated incident. On the other hand, if that player gets ‘stuck’ in that moment of dropping the ball, the game can change drastically for him. When that happens, the player then allows his emotional state to drive him to an action he doesn’t want, like dropping the ball again or throwing an airball because his focus on winning has been replaced with his focus on dropping the ball.

“Most people DON’T move forward because of this same kind of situation,” says Michael. The key is getting back to where you started where you really want to be emotionally.

“I work with many, many people in a state of being totally stuck because they never learned to become aware of their emotional state.”

“Old patterns and thinking result in being in the wrong emotional state. You have to be ‘aware’ first before you can shift it.”

It’s all about misappropriating emotions and words to actions. Think about it this way.  Remember a time when you lost your wallet. Panic set in and before you knew it, your mind became fuzzy and confused. Your emotional state took over your thinking and at the very point clarity and focus could actually HELP you remember where you might have left it, you were unable to gain control. The result is you are panicked, fearful and cannot think about where your wallet might be.

Think about it this way, says Michael. When a Navy seal who is trained to be the best of the best gets concerned, focus is the first action on the list. If he hears a shot, he immediately focuses and responds with his plan. Navy seals are trained to immediately move their brain to a state of focus, here they can clearly assess what must be done and easily do it.

Think about when YOU get concerned. If you can connect different emotions to the situation, you can trigger a different response. Circle back to when you lost your wallet. If you could connect a different emotion, other than fear, to the incident, you can rebound and think differently about what happened.

Michael’s two-year-old daughter cried every time she fell. As a toddler, she had one word to describe what happens when she fell: hurt. There are times when she falls and really DOES get hurt. But most of the time she would fall and feel irritation, frustration, bothered. Michael worked with her and taught her to attach a different response to falling. Instead of crying each time she fell, she would giggle. His toddler’s emotional state became her decision and her new decision was to laugh!

MIchael helps his students to become more aware and to learn more about how to recognize this principle. He helps people to gain better control over responding to the every day things that show up in life.

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