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How Are You Going to Save the World?

I have renewed vigor to solve every problem the world has ever had.

Some of my earliest memories are of working out how to eradicate homelessness, global hunger and war. Obviously, I didn’t succeed. My parents have always taken refuge in the religious idea that God would solve these problems, and while a part of me wasn’t super happy to hand over all of the problem solving to someone else (even God), I wasn’t quite sophisticated enough to argue for any better alternative. What resulted, however, was my belief that all the problems of the world WOULD be solved and it was just a matter of time. Homelessness, global hunger and war were in good hands.

As an adult, I went through a time of self-discovery that didn’t include a loyalty to the religion of my youth. Not a whole-sale rejection, but I definitely no longer believed saving the world was something I needed to wait on. If I wanted to see global hunger taken care of in my lifetime, then I was going to have to help facilitate it in some way.

On top of this realization (which was a big one, by the way), I had finally reached an age where I could recognize the quantity, scope, and sheer complexity of world problems. It was up to me to solve them, and they were HARD. This may sound stupid and idealistic, but at some point in my twenties I truly held the belief that it was up to me to do it all. There was a moment when the question first hit me, “How in one lifetime was I going to accomplish this?” I just zoned out on the couch with my eyes the size of saucer plates and the word “whoa” playing on loop in my brain.

In the same way the 10 year old entrepreneur realizes that in order to make a million bucks they just need to get a million people to give them a dollar, I had a slightly more complex version of this epiphany hit me in regards to saving the world: I didn’t need to solve every problem, I just needed to find people who were passionate about ONE of the problems I wanted to solve, and then do whatever I could to help THEM.

There is a lot – and I mean A LOT – of wasted human energy represented on the planet right now. We focus on the most basic necessities, get those covered and then call it good. Am I surviving? Well, I’m not dead yet. Are my safety and security needs met? I have a roof over my head, and food in the fridge. Do I have people who love me and accept me in my life? Yup, have a “Friends and Family” plan on my cell phone. All good.

And then they just… stop. Stop being ambitious, stop seeing the more they could be offering. Now, granted, it’s not exactly EASY to get all of those needs met, and a fair bit of energy is required to nail down those three things (survival, safety/security, love and belonging). But if we’re being honest with ourselves, it’s not the burden here in the United States and in other developed countries that it is for most of the world. On top of that, we’re not only lucky compared to the rest of the world, we’re extremely lucky in THIS time period of history. We have it extraordinarily cushy when you think about it, living better than Solomon in most respects.

That means this is the best time in history to capitalize on our circumstances and start REALLY looking at solutions. Sure, we still have “first world problems,” and sometimes they hurt. But let’s put things into perspective. We don’t deal with death on the scale that people did even 100 years ago, we generally have extraordinary freedom over our time (even if you work full time) since it doesn’t take, say, four hours to do laundry and we, as a culture, have gotten a little ‘soft’. That’s okay – I’m all for acclimating to a high quality lifestyle. That said, if our ancestors are any indication of what human beings can accomplish, we’ve got more inside of ourselves than we acknowledge, and often times way more than we’re actually giving.

So, let’s get back to how other people are going to save the world for me.
No one denies there’s a need to come up with solutions. Even the most zen of zen masters knows the world is mostly asleep, even if they’re accepting reality non-judgmentally. Qualitatively good or bad, there are challenges on this planet and they need people to create solutions.

No one denies that we, as a species, could be doing more. And no one thinks it’s going to happen magically. It’s going to take creativity and work from us as humans, and us as individuals.

Happily, that’s where you come in.

I have three questions for you:

1. If you could eradicate one problem on this planet, which one would it be? (Malnutrition? Sex trade? Animal cruelty? Pollution? Domestic violence? Curable diseases? Incurable disease? Be specific.)

2. What is your actual level of passion for giving value back to the planet? On the scale of “drop everything to work on the solution” to “total and complete apathy,” where do you fall?

3. What can I do to be of assistance in helping you a) develop passion to solve this challenge, and b) equip you to make it happen?

As a student of complex human systems, I’ve been blown away by the usefulness of models to solve major challenges. A lot of why we waste our energy as human assets is that we simply don’t know how (and where) to funnel our energy. We’re willing, but we very rarely feel able. And in this state of confusion and indecision, our energy slides away into a cosmic drain. But as Einstein said, if he had only an hour to save the world he’d spend 55 minutes defining the problem. Having a full understanding of ourselves first, a well-defined problem to solve next, and then a full grasp on how these two components can and should interact is the key. Understanding systems is an incredibly powerful tool when faced with the level of challenges we’re addressing here. It’s just one tool, but I feel it’s one that goes woefully forgotten, and it’s my ambition to equip every passionate, mission-driven person I come into contact with with this powerful information.

Why do I have renewed vigor to save the world?

I just had a baby. Tomorrow she’ll be two months old. I’m your stereotypical mid-thirties woman who was never going to have kids, got knocked up and now can’t imagine life without my amazing child. As I was looking at her alien-like, squishy newborn baby face one night, it struck me that I absolutely have to help save the world in any way that I can.

Not because I want to save it for her. I mean, yeah. That would be cool. But while I was marveling at the beauty and innocence represented in her squishy face, it struck me that every person on the planet was once a newborn baby. Not only totally dependent on others for its very existence, but a miracle for some mother all too happy to deal with exhaustion and new demands to make it happen. For every person who didn’t ask to be born but was anyway, and for every person that has to slog their way through a life of struggle based on bad luck or bad timing, I want to save the world for them. And for their mom, who only wanted the best for them.

I know, that sounds warm and squishy. I’m not usually a warm and squishy person.
However, if a renewed vigor to save the world is part of the package of new momhood, then I’m down with being a bit idealistic.

For the next few blog posts, I’m committing to writing (and recording) some of the absolutely most high leverage and helpful models of human development and behavior that I know of to assist anyone who has read this post and said, “YES. Saving the world. Sign me up.” So, keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, indulge me by answering those three questions below in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.


p.s. If anyone is interested in coaching to help you get to the next level in any context shoot me an e-mail at

Antonia Dodge is a co-founder of Genius Awakening, a business designed to help people leverage their own mental processes to optimize productivity, communication, job satisfaction, and most importantly – happiness. She has over 10 years in applied psychoanalytics, profiled hundreds of people, and consulted for companies such as Zappos, Zappos Insights, Hot Topic Media, Oracle and Voyage Media. She has helped developed over 20 high level trainings, products and resources and served on the leadership team to plan and orchestrate TEDxSinCity, an independently organized TED event held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Antonia Dodge

Seeing how people tick is at the heart of Antonia’s natural ability to understand how people systems work. She is an author, thought leader, coach, trainer, systems thinker, and personality profiling expert.  At the age of 15 Antonia picked up a book on personality psychology and her world changed forever. She began to see the patterns of why people do what they do – not based on behavior alone – but based on how the mind works. Antonia has co-developed a 6-month profiler training course that teaches coaches and business professionals how to "speed read" people, understand how their mind works and and then work with the unique personality for achievement, life purpose, or team building.
  • Jason

    Solve a small but persistent problem — create a level playing field between islamic merchants and western equities by the use of zakat (alms) as a means of predetermining just supports of sentiments in imprisonments by the returns of progressive correctionals as factored in to mercenary roles of publicly reviewed interfaith determinations of nondenominational, including atheist and agnostic, dependence of corrective officers’ taxing of the public as an equity problem of reprobates’ handling with an eye on ethical furloughs including shrine, cemetery (from familial to Darwin), and religious pilgrimage under civil defense chaperoned watch during rehabilitative choicemaking between records maintained or wiped by entry into Geneva Accord status under acquisition of educated duty status supporting containment development of civil defense economics by donated supports as facilitating institutional movement when and where supported by institutional conversion in allowing a human right ethic of at least one visitation of consented proof (wailing wall or other, for example), in which correctives oversight and recontributory impacts combine to prove by public will and sentiment, the direct – and NOT weakwilled “strong on crime” politics for the sake of pandering – support of populations in coming to grips with the costs and mitigation of institutional economics by a kind of version of a travel booking engine for the incarcerated by invitation equally shared from among the charitable supports, the corrective readiness and the population of incarcerants to respect a “code of honor” supporting each other, and respect civil defense economy aims of stellar economics via share proceeds into the manufacture of said institutional goods as a spur to acceptance in local economies of ability to be responsive to civil economic practices and to derive benefits so as to place massive onus against disruption of stellar complex activities by impoverished recruitments into class resentments.

    • Scott

      This is SPAM, right?

      • Many of the problems to be addressed are rooted in one thing. Over population. reduce population equals a reduction on our stressed resources, pollution, food supply, and housing shortage. Reduce population equal a solution for the above problems.


    • antonia

      Okay. Now unpack that for me. 🙂

  • Anthony

    Hello.Good questions. 1) Raising the level of individual consciousness is the only way I can see to improve things across the board.So the problem is the one you mention. Firstly to realise that we are all closer to unconsciousness than we think, and secondly, to do something about it, and wake up. It then becomes easier to see what is going on with some love and compassion in our hearts – as opposed to merely rage – and come up with wiser courses of action for all the other problems which our sleep attracts.

    2) I sign petitions and write letters to politicians and institutions. Sometimes it is tough not to be taken by anger, but I walk the talk as well as I am able, and practice various meditations.

    3)You could become the most enlightened you can manage – wise and full of understanding, be happy, and radiate it in your communications. I think you are an inspiration so far. Thanks for the questions. AKW

    • Jessica

      1. biodiversity loss – if we solve that we will be well on our way to solving the rest

      2. Drop everything

      3. Equip me to make it happen

    • Jessica

      1. biodiversity loss – if we solve that we will be well on our way to solving the rest

      2. Drop everything

      3. Equip me to make it happen

    • antonia

      Anthony –

      I completely agree with you. And I think it would be a more effective strategy if we came down the ‘ladder of abstraction’ – how does waking up look in more concrete terms? How do we know if someone has and is showing love and compassion? What are some of the emergent behaviors?

      Knowing the answers to these questions make it far easier to communicate and lead others to your World Saving solution. If we don’t have a solid, concrete, understandable goal to communicate, it’s difficult to direct people to that destination.

    • antonia

      Oh, and thanks for the kind words! 🙂

  • Dear Antonia,
    many Compliments for your baby <3 <3 <3
    I want to be very quick and go the points:

    1) Love, food, water,good schools, family. this are for me the only really important tools to save our Earth, together. to be loved, I mean, True Loved, is absolutely the most important thing of all and food and water, a clean house, even small and wise teachers.

    2) Personally I have your passion, but I understand we are very different in traditions, cultures and so on…….no way, this is the true to see and accept and respect: my intention now is to do my best with persons wich I can help and speak heart-opened, but stay "safe" because energy is something very important.

    3) You can….help me to find the right man with whom I want to have 3 children: these new wonderful Human Babies will change the world. Promised. and as an artist I create
    with infusion of Love so I would really like to sell my works all over the word; but, I had many talent, not the selling one………:) Love to you and thank you.

    • antonia

      Elena –

      Thanks for the well-wishing! She’s a total blessing.

      I’m completely on board with your list. I get that it’s difficult to choose just one, and it’s even more difficult to deal with everything that comes with World Saving. As you mentioned, energy IS something important.

      I agree that your first step is meeting the need of finding a relationship. If that’s what’s in your heart right now, then that’s a need going unmet and must be sated before you can step into full potential. Did you read the blog post on intuitive relationships? Was it helpful at all?

      If you’re really passionate about making big changes, I recommend asking yourself if you had to choose just one of the solutions you mentioned, which one would you choose? And when you’re finding your life partner, vet him for his passion about your cause, as well. There’s very little more binding in a relationship than shared values and mission.

      Good luck,


  • FM

    Thanks for the questions!

    Number 1. If I could change one thing on the planet, it would be to eradicate the self-loathing that is so prevalent. I understand where it comes from and how it is encouraged every waking moment, through distorted religious dogma and consumerist marketing, unconscious agreements to not rock the boat, even though it is going down anyway.

    So the question may come down to, ok, its about love, loving ourselves (Thanks for a fine map Antonia, also appreciate your skillful reminders that the map is not the territory, but points to the treasure none the less). So how do we embrace the fullness of our humanity, find its intrinsic value and allow it to empower us to make the changes we need to make. I think I must start with the willingness to embrace myself fully, to love without evaluation, myself and others. I think that my service to the world would be to find a way to invite and encourage all people to take the empowering journey of self-knowing, personal accountability/ responsibility (the true joy of it), to give ourselves permission to fully embrace, to work, play and dance with what has meaning for each of us. Be specific? I would do one on one and group work to share tools that are available now; the Genius Awakening information, mind inquiry model of The Work as created by Byron Katie, and communication and governing models that facilitate a deeper understanding of the value of each precious being. If I were living at the level I desire, I would be in celebration more often than not.

    I would also be fully engaged in my art. My art has always included faces, I have always had an innate drive to embrace the full-on experience of what the face reveals and what it hides. to confirm that there is beauty there, even in the hard to “face” expressions.

    Number 2: Where am I at on a scale of passion for offering this to my world and beyond? Everything else is just everything else. My passion is not yet free, I say this with the discernment that that too is changing in me, even as I answer your important questions. So glad to be here.

    And Number 3: Keep doing what you are doing, I will keep tuning in. I have a sense that as I get clearer about what my own questions/answers are, I will have what I need to make the best use of your passion and mine.

    Appreciating you very much.

    • antonia

      FM – So what you’re saying is, you want to do what I’m doing. Awesome! The more people sharing models for development, the better (I say).

      You struck on something very near and dear to me: permission. It’s the one thing people don’t know they need until they get it, and then they wonder how they ever lived without it. Permission to be yourself, to go after what YOU believe is important, and shed all of the out-sourced and borrowed values in favor of what is authentic to you. Powerful stuff.

      Let me know if I can help in any specific way. Camronn and I teach a class on the Genius method (called the Profiler Training Course). It’s a six month intensive course designed to get you to become completely trained in the system and able to diagnose the Genius of others. It’s not cheap, but it’s WELL worth it.

      Let me know if you’re interested. We’re taking students for the beginning of October.


  • Lourenço

    Everything is perfect, nothing needs to be changed! You simply don’t understand” It’s your pride and guilt feelings that make you feel that way. If you enter an operating-room, and don’t know what is going in there, you’d like to stop the whole process. Calm down your heart, everything is perfect, nothing needs to be changed!

    • antonia

      Lourenço –

      Thank you for the reminder. You’re right – everything is perfect exactly as it is in this moment. It’s how it needs to be, and that is a very valid perspective.

      If you notice, however, the world isn’t static. It’s on a trajectory. It IS moving, and there are things that DO influence its direction. I happen to be someone with the hubris to want to influence which direction it moves, and I want that direction to solve problems and challenges that cause others pain.

      As regards to your illustration of the surgery room… if I were to take this as a direct metaphor, then the suggestion is to rest into the knowledge that someone has it ‘handled’. In surgery, there are trained experts guiding the process (even if it looks messy), and while someone totally unfamiliar with modern medicine may not understand this, those of us ‘in the know’ recognize that as bloody as it may get, there are people who are there to help and know what they’re doing.

      To believe the same correlation about our reality means believing someone – or someones – has it covered. The world is in good hands, and it’s simply undergoing surgery by trained experts. As someone who has decided not to believe in God, gods, or a specific defined divinity until further proof is provided, I guess I’m going to assume it’s all in ‘good hands’.

      That may make me a faithless heathen, but I’m okay with that.


  • Nikki Darwin

    I was very surprised at my enthusiasm as I gave an honest reply to each of your questions.

    Number one; I would like to eradicate “lack of awareness” in every life form on this planet. This desire has surfaced every day of my life in one degree or another. And I tried to do it in many ways; a long, arduous and progressive learning curve. The desire has been so intense that I have spent my life trying to keep it hidden, because I learned that my intensity was far too much to bear for most. This intensity has only grown, despite me.

    The real truth, the actuality that I see happening on this planet right now is so gross most people can’t handle it. I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. I can’t tell humanity the truth because it will activate more fear and there they are, already teetering on the precarious survival cliff edge. With the intensity of fear catching them unawares, they will end up falling and turning off even more. I cannot tell them the truth because it’s intensity is a killer if they are not ready to receive it.
    So what if I distract myself and do nothing? Then I will be making my ascension by myself. The rest of humanity will be alien food forever. No problem, but I cannot live with it.

    Number 2; I will drop everything to work on the solution. In answering this question I realize that I have adopted all parts of my life into this project of improving the quality of life on this earth. I don’t have many things left to drop. Just about everything I do and allow myself to think has been transformed into working on the solution in some, often far-fetched way. I’ve done this so much that I finally feel like I must be in the solution. Please help me dry off.

    Number 3; equip me to make it happen please. I am doing too many things to just keep the peace (really this “peace” is a bunch of things able to interact with each other only in miniscule bits). I don’t want to keep the peace anymore. I want results!!! Humanity is a community. Will you catch the ball I am trying to throw your way?

    Does this mean I am interfering with humanities free will? Yes, I am! I am interfering because I know that this is their last chance to even hear the word ascension let alone know what it means. They will be lost in darkness forever and be delicious, miserable food for the aliens. I am willing to interfere. I am only playing this game because I feel I have to. Maybe one more person will see the LIGHT.Blessings Nikki

    • I definately agree with Part 1. Wake up people! If most of the folks woke up and realized what they are allowing to happen in their world, they would unite AND make changes happen. How can we wake them before it is too late?

    • antonia

      Nikki –

      I like it when people foam at the mouth when they talk about solving problems. It’s so much more appealing than drooling with a dumb look on your face. :p

      Your first assignment (in preparation for what is clearly a massive task) is this: bring your desire down to a more concrete level. I agree whole-heartedly with what I THINK you’re saying… but terms like ‘lack of awareness’ are highly abstract, and dollars to donuts I have a different picture in my head when I use that phrase than you do.

      So, what does ‘awareness’ look like in CONCRETE terms? How would I know if I ran into someone who was aware? How would a group of five of us know, and be able to say definitively, “Yup, that person is aware?”

      This may be one of the most frustrating parts of being an Intuitive. We LOVE the abstract. We want to stay there as long as possible, and when someone forces us to come down the ladder of abstraction we get frustrated and see them as the problem. (See my video on “Successful Communication Between Sensors and Intuitives” for more info on the ladder of abstraction.)

      However, problems are solved when we see tangible results. Therefore the solution much be tangible and communicated in tangible language.

      I bet as you work this out you’ll find not only more specificity about your mission, you’ll figure out what ACTIONABLE, TANGIBLE things you can do to help make it all happen.

      Good luck! Tell me about your results.


  • Nikki Darwin

    Thank you everyone. I wouldn’t read your replies until after I had completed mine to be sure I wasn’t influenced. Thank you for your honesty. Blessings Nikki

  • Remi Gregoire

    Easy answer. 99.9% of the problems we have now come from not respecting one another (and Gaia for that matter). Do a real debate between ideas rather than this God pissing contest and then work together on the best solutions.

    Once you get the respect back between all humans, all the problems solve themselves rather easily. Just a matter of reassigning ressources & ideas.

    Seen Avatar (present), Wall-e (future) and Celestine Prophecy (missing link)? If not they are definite must watch to get what I mean here.

  • Inogen MacKenzie


    Yes, I did see things about Ben – how wonderful for him; it just breaks my heart that we can’t do it for all of them.

    However, it does not break my spirit and everyday I become more determined to do everything I can to end the horror that many animals face every day of their sad lives.

    Cameron is an idiot, as are all of them – they think only of themselves and their own species – how appalling to be so small minded.

    I have been bursting with a really good idea for about 20 years now, and have never told anyone except a few friends, because I don’t actually know what to do with the idea.

    I want to start a sanctuary that will be for animals AND people – it will be called The Renaissance (?) inter-species Rescue Centre, or similar.

    The main focus is animals, (are you aware of the dreadful way that they are treated and killed?) but it’s true to say that many people would be more caring if they had better lives themselves and if they had been shown that animals are not comodities.

    The disposessed/alienated cannot really be expected to treat others with compassion – they are themselves damaged, so need a secure environment in which to grow – taking care of others (supervised of course) could help them to experience the joy of taking responsibility for a life that needs them. This would build their own self-esteem.

    This is where ‘inter-species’ comes in – they all help each other in this self-contained environment.

    It does not stop there.

    It will attract the best teachers, educators and philosophers, it will become self-sustaining (vegan diet of course).

    The rich and famous will put their cildren’s names down at birth as it will also be a boarding school.

    I even have a suitable site in mind, although it is in use.

    Huge project, worthy of the best of humanity!

    How could such a project be got off the ground?

  • Inogen MacKenzie

    Sorry – my previous message was actually supposed to be pasted elsewhere!
    However, it is my dream.
    I am not sure about the other two questions – I have always wanted to make the world a better place, but I do not know how to go about it.

    • antonia

      This is a really interesting idea, Inogen. I think at this point it just needs more specificity to take it out of ‘dream’ context and put it into the ‘actionable’ category.

      Tell me every detail about this sanctuary you can think of. Then ask yourself, what’s the first step to getting it to happen? Funding? Personnel support? Location?


  • jerry

    Hello Antonia,

    First off….congratulations for bringing life into the world, and becoming a mother.
    obviously,the questions you are asking yourself, and us to answer, are the result of forward thinking for your child,and of course all other children, and all people as a whole.
    More so now, of course.

    I have read many of the posts, and I appreciate the replies. I will now give you my views and opinions, as answers to your questions

    So, how do we solve a specific problem,or problems…why pick one or two problems?.There is no need to pick any problem to solve. As you already know Antonia….your right in the thick of it.

    We must start early. That is, we must teach…”teach the children well”. Every problem disappears when all children are taught only two things. I mean around the world, in all schools,and in society of course. These two things, eliminate all the different above mentioned problems.

    What are these two things….compassion and empathy. When these two things are understood and lived in the heart and mind by all. There is no place for any problems within community,society,or the world as a whole. These two things must be lived interiorlly, to then, be manifest exteriorlly. These two things together add up to be LOVE !!
    You cannot harm when you love. You cannot stand idoly. Love is growth!

    When you plant a seed it grows after its kind…from its intention, it will produce its outcome,and we must all eat, and experience its sweetness or bitterness. So, we arrive to this point. Where we are asked to create solutions for past created pollutions. This world and its condition,is nothing more than what man has within there hearts.

    When every person lives witrh compassion and empathy. All that is corrupt will be no more. The power structure is responsible for where we are now . They have fomented all division,illusion, and aberhations. The powers that be have no borders, religions,or race/creed . They work to enslave, and divide ,by creating these conditions,that we then believe(seeds of thought) and manifest as our reality. My intent here is not to convince anyone. I have done my research. There are groups of extremely rich people that have controlled the outcome, that we think is the natural evolution of things. We, the masses are living out there creation. please google the Georgia guide stones….it is there agenda.
    These are the people I am referring to. They work incrementally. I do not wish to dwell on this, it is truly diabolical to say the least. They dumb us down with flouride. It is all and every,and any secret society…as JFK said in his speech…to be taken out by your last presidents pappy(when he was in the CIA). I invent nothing. What I am trying to do is awaken you to the fact that the elite run the show and are about to get rid of us all(FEMA camps,google that)look up MKultra, HAARP,silent sound spread spectrum,paperclip. This is why we are where we are. They fuel our minds with fear, hate,division,jealousy,etc…
    so we do not live with compassion and empathy. This is thier agenda.

    I wanted to enlighten people through song or music, should I say. As a lyricist, I wrote songs that explain the “thought is a seed theory” etc
    And, that what we believe,we percieve. I wrote some pretty darn good songs. It never panned out.
    So, I decided to learn how to heal the body. There are countless cures for the incurable. However, we live in a profit based systems….and these cures cannot be patented,etc…
    So, I teach people how the body works,and why it does not work,then point them in the direction that they must look into, and learn about to heal themselves. For example: GMO’s…scientists tamper with the seeds dna, and instruct the root system not to get the elements/minerals that that particular fruit,vegetable,etc,,,should naturally have ,which gives the body the necessary building blocks to replicate healthy disease resistant cell replications….old age is nutrient deficiency, period.

    The body is like a swimming pool….acid and alkaline….ph. Healthy cells 7.35-7.45(-20mllvolts-25mllvolts/alkaline). Cell regeneration -50mllvolts/alkaline. All cancers +30mllvolts/Acid.

    Anyways, I could go on and on. People wake up. These groups are going to collapse the US, they signed a deal with Canada,US,Mexico….The Amero…like the Euro what is happening in your nation is by design….seeds planted by the elite.

    So, Compassion and Empathy= Love….it is the answer and only solution to Antonias’ question…There are no others. Everything else done without compassion and empathy or love will as it has always happened fail .

    I do not wish to offend. I state this from the heart. I do not claim to be right. I have just the goal to inform as many people as I can. That is why I chose music as a medium. You reach millions of people. That tell two friends, and so on, and so on,etc…

    So, Antonia…I hope I have not let you down with my views. But, everything that transpires has and is fomented by these groups. To counter their plans we must renounce thier plans,and change things with true love towards all peoples from all walks of life. I talk to people about this stuff everyday,I hope to help them see that we/they are living a lie created again by the powers that be.

    So, that is it from me.

    Wish all of you health,happiness,and harmony

    And, again Antonia…congrats….and I know you will be A Model Mother for your child and all of us.



    • antonia

      First of all – thanks for the congrats! 🙂

      Second – Why would anything you said in your response be offensive in any way? You’re coming from a place of sincerity and love. There can be no offense taken.

      Third – I don’t disagree with anything you said. I’m not sure if I have total confidence in the particulars, but I do believe powerful people clearly have a controlling hand and interest in staying in control.

      However, I believe people are on a trajectory of growth. It seems to be the one constant in the world – forward movement. It’s not a matter of taking people down, in my opinion it’s a matter of steering the ship a different direction. Being an amazing example to the next batch of sentient minds is DEFINITELY a major piece of this, which is why I plan to be a kick-ass mother.

      That said, we can kind guide people who are currently a wasted asset (from lack of desire, lack of know-how, or lack of awareness) to become powerful motivators for this trajectory. And I don’t think they’re all just kids right now.

      You dig?


  • janet cade

    I came home to my own heart. 2 years ago.
    Since then I am definitely feeling lighter, more awake, less guilty (about what? I never knew Before) healthier, calmer, more energetic and more prepared to help do ‘whatever it
    takes’ to wake up the rest.

    What I’m talking about is stopping eating Meat and Dairy and putting myself on a plant based diet. This is a diet that causes no harm to any living being (those with eyes and
    hearts and love for their offspring such as we have) and can solve – world hunger. There is enough food on the planet to feed EVERONE. There are 20-30,000 people starving daily – there is a population of 7 billion – and we have enough food here to feed 14 billion people – YET —
    we feed the food to animals (animals in the agri-business) and then eat the animal. I F we were to Wake-UP – (our planetary solution to world hunger — is painstakingly explained in WILL TUTTLE’S THE WORLD PEACE DIET’ ) and – just eat the food (grains that are fed to the animals) ourselves – without passing it through an animal (whose whole world is a living torment from day one – only to end up at the torture chamber which is the slaughterhouse – we would be bringing ourselves closer to a balanced planet – where … the rainforest is not being raped to the tune of ‘one acre pre minute’ – to make way for the soy to feed to the animals – and/or to put the cattle there who will be killed for our ‘most unhealthy’ SAD (standard american diet) that is (it will be common knowledge very soon) at the root cause of every disease from heart to cancer to diabetes.
    We heartlessly carry on – donating to little causes, (to stop the guilt) doing good work that ‘may’ patch up a little problem here and there, but – we don’t seem to be willing to really take a look at what is at the very deep, deep root of our barbarian attitudes and do something that will actually change and impact our own lives and cause us ‘just a little’ inconvenience.. Paul McCartney said – ‘if slaughterhouses had glass walls, we’d ALL be vegetarians’ —
    YET – we don’t really want to look — we don’t want to give up that TASTE – How Very Selfish can we be?? to alleviate the suffering of animals who have no voice , who suffer every day in crammed feedstocks – whose babies are kidnapped from them at birth, who are repeatedly put on the rape rack until they can no longer stand – then sent off to the slaughterhouses themselved. Call this a Society?? We don’t have to look that animal in the face – we have the slaughterhouse worker to do the dirty work for us, and we just go to the grocery store and pick up the disguised, plastic wrapped chunk of meat and continue to pretend that we are blameless in this scenario.and it is all kept very hidden and our world is being devastated by the effects of the military, medical, meat, pharmaceutical model that we just let carry on – without ever looking for a connection.
    I am challenging you all to ‘raise your level of consciousness.’ PLEASE go to youtube and watch the one hour video by Gary Yourofsky – ‘best speech ever made’ – then see if your consciousness is raised enough to begin to see WHAT it is we CAN DO – every day –
    to show the world we are actually prepared to ‘do SOMETHING concrete’ to begin to change this violent behaviour – which is at the root of war and destruction on the planet.

    • antonia

      I’m completely on board with your mission. I feel our relationship with animals is rather sick, especially as I see humans as natural stewards and friends of animals.

      Admittedly, I don’t feel exactly as you do, but it doesn’t matter to me. I think readjusting our relationship with animals is massively necessary, and I think someone with great fire in their soul to get us to see animals differently is just the ticket.

      Now tell me, when you zoom out and zoom in, what do you see as your FIRST STEP in making this happen?


  • Scott

    Thanks for asking Antonia!

    1. If I could eradicate one problem on this planet it would be to help others gain Independence from the system.

    2. My actual level of passion for giving value back to the planet is to drop everything and do it! No wait, I already have and I’m getting hungry.

    3. What can I do to be of assistance in helping you a) develop passion to solve this challenge, and b) equip you to make it happen?

    I have the passion, I need to know how to put myself to work.

  • 1 eradicate one problem on this planet: Proclaim what each and everyone of us came here to do. I see quantum blueprints, I see your auric filed from anywhere in the world So if you truly want to do something but do not know what that something is. Call me: **2ocean

    2.What is your actual level of passion for giving value back to the planet? Passion….. stop and drop:
    3. What can I do to be of assistance in helping you a) develop passion to solve this challenge, and b) equip you to make it happen?
    Let me help you help others know what they came here for. Call me **2ocean. . This way they have the awareness and you and Cameron can give them direction. agreed?

  • We have to look at the Genius Awakening, and test all children, educate them, value them-
    Then we need to evaluate the infostructure of each Country. What Brings in the Money, and what takes out the Money !By this simple test, the needs will come forward : What natural assets can we put to create work oppertunity, If water is the problem, dams should be build to catch up water supplies. Farming should be encouridged to be near the water.
    If education, the state should offer free schooling and change curicclims if needed.With rich
    mineral supplies like, coal fuel can be made. Also Gold,platinum,dimonds, could be traded. the Uranium sould be investigated as a sause of power energy.If you start with the young they will be the ones to change the world ! We can only begin to start the prosess, thats why we have Camron & antonia, to think only we can finally change the iworld ! By starting with myself, I have put everything I had

  • Into my children, If I say everything, I suffered but gave all of my energy and dedicated love. Sadly my daughter passed away when she was 17, something to overcome.
    I humbly consider my son as my greatest gift to change the world ! and he does ! he has
    done more better and far greater than me. His Father would be so proud of him.
    The lesson in this If only we could give more to the world in you children, that’s how we are
    changing the world ! without noticing if each generation can leave more and better….
    Sometimes you have to look where you came from, to see tomorrow. Always believe in a brighter
    Future ! After 65 years all my stars are now lined up as on my birth date, if that is not awesome!

  • Sorry, my computer cannot correct my spelling ! I speak Afrikaans that is near to Flemish,

    So English is my second langue. I do apologize.

  • Tina

    1) Hate
    2) Totally passionate
    3) Just send out loving “vibes” – it’s really the only thing we can do.

  • janet

    Thank You Antonia for all your uplifting and precisely invigorating talks and messages. Loving vibes are great – but dear Inogen says it soo well when she refers to our complete lack of awareness. It all begins when we are inadvertently colluded into the eating of animal flesh when we are babies – then choose to continue on like this when we Know of the animal torture, but – could really care less because we somehow believe that it tastes good and we can’t live without it. Yes we can and we won’t be heart, stroke, diabetes etc. victims. . ThEsE animals are our Fellow-Beings. They are NOT food. Animals as food and dairy are Xtremaly unhealthy for us. These foods start out causing inflammation of the internal organs and are the cause of our modern diseases such as heart, diabetes, cancer, aging and many more. Food – healthy food is plants and fruits and seeds and nuts. The violence we are living every day begins on our plates if we partake along with meat and dairy. . We are born into SAD (standard american diet) and it is a ‘for-profit’ diet – and the ONLY one’s profiting are the industry – sacrificing sentient, aware and precious animals at the rate of 97 million every DAY for the want of something as selfish and ‘unaware’ as taste. That animals flesh ‘tastes’ good to us and we want to eat it for that reason.. Is that NOT selfish when there are wonderful vegan alternatives that are ‘win for our body, win for our planet and win for the poor animal who won’t be eaten when we all go ‘VEG.’ I’m coming back to find your previous question further on up the page here Antonia. My answer is. I’m looking to begin a Vegan B & B in my home. Also, exploring the possibility of Vegan Education classes as it relates to our health – health of the planet and Peace all around us. A vegan diet is the beginning… prerequisite to ending bringing peace here and ending war. – I must ‘Again’ refer to ‘The World Peace Diet’ – most important book of the 21st Century. WPD talks about 10,000 years of oppression of women, compassion, our health, and our planetary health. I bought 20 of these books. I pass them around like a library and clean peoples houses, buy them a meal, or a shirt or coffee shop passes IF they read it from cover to cover. I love Inogen’s idea of the inter-species sanctuary with education and school and philosophy. How is that coming? I Know that you have an idea of how much this dream of yours needs to become a reality!

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