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Galantamine – Lucid Dreaming Pill?

luciddHave you ever had a dream so vivid, so intense, so real, but at the same time you possessed the awareness that you were, in fact, asleep and dreaming?

Generally speaking, dreaming is quite separate and distinctly different from waking life.  How many times have you woken up with the thought in your head, “It was only a dream”?

Lucid dreaming is a very different experience.  In lucid dreaming, you are aware that you are asleep and you are aware that you are dreaming.  You literally “wake up” in your dream.

Lucid dreaming can be utilized as part of your path to enlightenment.  Coupled with an appropriate mindset, perhaps one tailored to encompass your personal belief system, or with meditation, you can achieve a healing mind state for yourself. 

Lucid dreaming, once thought to be the sole state of yogis and other enlightened persons, and sometimes viewed as a new age trend like isolation tanks were in the 80s, is finding much interest in the psychological community. 

There are a number of nature based  supplements that are known, and supported by science, to increase the quantity and quality of your dreaming, while also granting a distinct flavor of awareness to your dreaming.  Those new to lucid dreaming enhanced by supplementation have found the state to be raw and jolting to the psyche, however, focused intent and a planned self-awareness program can help these supplement enhance and even provide a healing element as you work with the levels of self-awareness within your lucid dream state.

There are a number of nature based supplements that are not only growing in popularity but are also drawing the attention of the medical community for the possibility of their applications in assisting those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Of all of these, there is one that is significantly more popular that some of the others – known as oneirogens – and this one is galantamine. 

Popularly known as the lucid dream pill, galantamine is synthesized from several plants and has been known for its memory enhancing properties for centuries by the ancient Greeks, the Chinese and throughout Europe.  The nature based elements included in galantamine are daffodil, snowdrop and a couple of varieties of spider lily. 

There is a lot of buzz about this compound, and those considering using it as part of self-awareness work or a spiritual path should be aware of the side effects – mild though they may be – of utilizing this compound.  This compound will act immediately to stimulate the parts of the brain that increase the length of REM sleep cycles thus making the dream state much sounder as well as much more lucid.

Ingesting compounds such as galantamine affects your brain chemistry, no doubt about it.  This is not something that should be viewed capriciously.  Certainly, this is not a compound that would be suitable for everyone.  A certain sector of those interested in supplementing for their dream states will experience less than stellar effects.  Reported side effects include nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.  At any rate, the whole point of this kind of supplementation is personal growth and self-awareness.  A person seeking a lucid dream experience should only take these kinds of supplements for a few nights in a row.

It is further recommended that, if you are a light sleeper, galantamine presents the distinct possibility of disrupting a restful sleep pattern, leaving you fatigued and definitely not rested and refreshed. 

Certain other medical issues, where a person is already under the care of a health care professional, have been noted to be worsened by this compound.  These include asthma or other respiratory issues, seizure activity, heart and liver problems and urinary tract issues.

All of that said, an acceptable dosage for dream stimulation is quite low – only four to eight milligrams.  Galantamine is effective and at full effect within an hour of taking it and lasts approximately 7 hours.  It is advisable to take the supplement halfway through one’s sleep cycle to avail oneself of the REM cycles that happen during the later portion of a person’s sleep cycle. 

Galantamine is definitely a supplement that should be approached with care and respect, just as one would approach any mind-altering substance. 

Practice mindfulness in examining your goals and prepare yourself mentally for your steps along this path.  Your preparations for sleep should be mindful and purposeful.  Explore your reasons for using this supplement as part of your self-awareness plan.   Journal extensively.  Meditate carefully.  Thoroughly and carefully ponder your needs and, if this is the choice you ultimately make for yourself, you should have an enlightening experience with galantamine.

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Sweet dreams!

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  • sherpeace

    I am confused. If Galantamine will “increase the length of REM sleep cycles” shouldn’t it help with insomnia, rather than make insomnia worse? I would love to try it, but I can’t afford to have any more trouble falling or staying asleep.

  • ageless

    Insomnia? It could be caused by something you keep eating. Or you don’t have will power to keep destructive thoughts away. This is NOT a sleeping pill, and will only help IF you learn to relax. This will not do anything for insomnia one way or the other. If your destructive thoughts are the cause, this may only increase what is already there. Stop drinking soda, energy drinks, coffee and/ or eating anything with caffeine. Don’t exercise before going to bed. There are several other things you can do to over come Insomnia, but you must get control of it before using this. By the way, Galantamine IS WONDERFUL!