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8 Scientific Studies Reveal That Human Consciousness Can Alter Physical World

subconscious-mindNikola Tesla, a disciple of the Indian Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda who in turn was the chief disciple of Saint Ramakrishna, said that as soon as science starts studying non-physical phenomena we will see more progress in a matter of 10 years than all the progress made till then over the past centuries. Moreover, science becomes more effective when it works with nature. When these concepts are put together, we will realize that great technologies are discovered only when the human consciousness readily embraced them. Initially, scientists believed that the foundation of the physical material reality was the Newtonian material universe. This changed when they realized that the universe is made out of energy. Matter is energy and it is linked to human consciousness. In this article, we present information that demonstrates the fact that intentions, thoughts, prayer and consciousness aspects are capable of influencing the physical material world.

#1 – The Quantum Double-Slit Experiment

This experiment made use of a double-slit optical system for testing the role of consciousness in causing the quantum wave-function’s collapse. The results of the study showed that consciousness correlated with the double-slit interference patterns in predictable ways. The experiment showed that the observer created his/her reality by compelling the electrons to take definite positions. According to a paper published in the journal Physics Essays, this experiment was used several times to determine whether consciousness shaped physical reality. You can watch below a visual demonstration of the experiment.

#2 – Psychokinesis Experiments Sponsored by the Government

Psychokinesis refers to the ability of human consciousness in controlling the behavior of biological or physical processes or systems. Jack Houck, an aerospace engineer, and Colonel J. B. Alexander held several sessions and taught participants as to how they can initiate their psychokinesis events using spoons and forks. Participants bent or contorted spoons or forks without applying any physical force.

#3 – Random Number Generators – Global Consciousness Experiment

This is a multidisciplinary project in which many scientists and engineers were involved. It originated from Princeton University and was supported by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Data is continuously collected from a network of random number generators (RNGs) placed all over the earth and transmitted to the home base. RNGs are sensitive to individuals’ intentions and even respond to them. RNGs also respond to shifts in attention that occur in their environment. Commonly, peak recordings occur when attention and emotions are shared during events such as 9/11, tsunamis and deaths of public figures.

#4 – NSA/CIA Remote Viewing Experiments In Association With Stanford University

Remote viewing refers to an individual’s ability to describe remote places located thousands of kilometers away. Ingo Swann, who participated in this experiment, could view the specific rings around Jupiter even before NASA took their pictures through pioneer 10 craft. Other participants could view objects/people in rooms that were totally blocked off from where these participants were present.

#5 – Thoughts and Intentions Can Change the Physical Structure of Water

Researchers at the Institute of Noetic Sciences suggested that it is possible to determine from the ice crystals formed whether a sample of water has been intentionally influenced or not. Results of studies consistently showed that positive intentions produced symmetric and aesthetically pleasing crystals, whereas negative intentions produced asymmetric and unattractive crystals. Click here to read more. The paper cited is from Dean Radin and the experiment was conducted at the Institute for Noetic Sciences.

#6 – The Placebo Effect

Many studies have revealed that the placebo effect is not only real, but also highly effective. The results of a study conducted at Baylor Medical School was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2002. Patients who were to undergo surgery because of debilitating knee pain were segregated into three groups. For patients in one group, the surgeons shaved the cartilage that was damaged and for the patients in the second group surgeons flushed out all the material that was causing the inflammation. These are the standard procedures followed for patients with severe arthritic knees. The patients in the third group were sedated and doctors just made incisions, washed with salt water and then sewed the incision. The rehab process for all the groups was the same. The improvement experienced by the placebo group was the same as that of the other two groups.

#7 – Teleportation

A paper published the journal Ziran Zazhi in 1981 in China reported that children who are gifted can teleport small physical objects such as horseflies, watches, radio micro-transmitters, photosensitive paper, etc., from one place to another. The participants in the study did not even touch the objects beforehand. More research conducted by the Institute of Aerospace Medicine Engineering in Beijing using high-speed photography and videotaping captured the transfer of specimens like nails, nuts, matches, pills, etc., without breaching the walls of sealed paper envelopes, glass tubes and bottles and plastic film canisters.

#8 – Heart Science

The human heart generates an electromagnetic field. A spectrum analysis of this magnetic field shows that it is encoded with emotional information. This is to say that we can change the coding by changing our emotions. This has the ability to even impact people around us. When we experience compassion, love, understanding and gratitude, our heart sends out different messages. There are a number of studies that document the relationship between our consciousness and physical material reality. It is evident from the above experiments that consciousness plays a key role in bringing about a change in our planet. Here is a list of publications in journals on Psi research.

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