Thursday , 9 December 2021
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Government Denies Cannabis Oil To Sick Children

medical cannabisThe medicinal benefits of cannabis and its multiple derivatives are nothing new. For years, cancer patients, glaucoma sufferers, and post traumatic stress patients have benefited from the secondary cannabinoids which are found in strains of marijuana with low tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, content. It seems that the powers that be do not want you to know that cannabinoids are currently being used in a variety of medicines, most with very noteworthy and successful results.

In California, the battle for fair and reasonable use has heated up. In a surprising move last week, the non-profit dispensary named Realm of Caring of California was issued a notice that effectively prevents them from assisting the many families that come to them for help. The San Fernando Valley corporation was prevented from pursuing its mission under threat of criminal charges.

Under the highly controversial Proposition D, these notices were automatically sent out to producers and dispensaries who were not approved in 2007. Therefore, Realm of Caring is being forced to relocate if they want to continue providing a necessary product that has been proven to help patients.

While Realm of Caring does not actually dispense cannabis oil, they grow the plants from which the oil is extracted, They also stand as a community informational resource for parents who want to determine for themselves if cannabis oil treatment could be safe and effective for their child.

Realm of Caring cultivates a strain that does not produce the typical high associated with marijuana, but it does yield a substantial quantity of low-THC oil that has been used to successfully treat seizures in children and adults. The strain is known as Charlotte’s Web. It is named after the first patient, Charlotte Figi, who experienced a dramatic decrease in the number of seizures she was having after taking the oil. Where she was having hundreds of seizures every week, that number was reduced to two or three a month when regularly taking this medication. Her parents note that this is exponentially better results than any other pharmaceutical medicine their doctors were prescribing. Naturally, they could not be happier.

Those parents who secure Realm of Caring’s cannabis oil through licensed dispensaries will now have to deal with a price hike. The group does not intend on no longer growing plants because they also have facilities in Colorado. But, their relocation will mean a rise in prices to consumers.

The sad part of this whole story is that Californian parents are being denied access to information and products that could help their children. The bulk of California’s medical marijuana industry smartly tries to educate patients about use and side effects. This is especially true when it comes to children, and Realm of Caring feels it is their civic duty to teach the public while providing the necessary product to make cannabis oil.

No responsible parent would simply light up a joint and hand it to their child. But, if a parent wants to know if cannabis oil can help alleviate severe pain or other terrible symptoms, they can go to a grower or dispensary and ask questions. Usually, there are many pamphlets and online resources that can provide the necessary information before you make your decision.

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