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19 Alternative Media Sources to Help You Live a More Meaningful Life

caracas_nightBreak free of the despondency churned out by the mainstream media sources and surround yourself with inspiration from alternative media sources. This informative post from Thrilling Heroics brings to you a well put-together list of 19 alternative media sources that can open your mind to new ideas and experiences.

My hands were trembling as I entered his office.

It was 5pm on a Friday afternoon, where 12 months earlier I had set myself the goal of leaving my corporate role in that exact time period.

The conversation that ensued began uncomfortably, though ended on a congenial note and I walked out of the office with a sense of excitement that I hadn’t felt since waking up on Christmas morning (below the age of 16).

It was as though the iron shackles had been removed and there was actually a world out there to explore.

Now you may be wondering why I indulge you in my recent work history?

As I believe that the most important factor in me being able to leave that role, was the influences that I had been privileged to expose myself to (thanks Internet).

The power is shifting…

No longer do the majority of people look to the large media sources for their daily dose of doom, despair and destruction.

Instead, millions of individuals are taking to the Internet to share their own opinions and experiences, distributing attention from large media conglomerates.

And though these news corporations are aware of this, they are powerless.

But why not just keep up with the “news”, narrowing your mind each day?

In the best-selling self help book of all time, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill stresses the importance of the MasterMind:

“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

And albeit more effective in person, it may be hard to completely surround yourself with awake, intelligent and diligent people…

Which is where this list of alternative media comes in…

Over the past 3½ years, I have slowly but surely been able to open my mind to new ideas and experiences, driven primarily by the virtual friends to which you are about to be introduced…

Joe-Rogan1. Joe Rogan“I don’t care if you’re gay, black, Chinese, straight. That means nothing to me. It’s all an illusion.”

A black-belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, stand-up comedian and host of one of the most listened-to podcasts in the world: The Joe Rogan Experience, it seems that Joe brings his no bullshit approach to everything that he does.

Get Started: Watch This Every Morning.

Alan-Watts2. Alan Watts“You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.”

In my opinion, one of the best speakers of all time, Alan Watts seems to have endless wisdom, which he communicates in a distinctive ethereal style. Though they may require multiple listens, his lectures span topics from love, religion, and death.

Get Started: The Dream Of Life

Chris-Guillebeau3. Chris Guillebeau“You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to.”

An entrepreneur, speaker, blogger and author, Chris has visited all 193 countries in the world. He now shares his thoughts feelings and learning’s on his blog: The Art Of Non Conformity.

Get Started: The Best Place To Be Is Somewhere Else.

Seth-Godin4. Seth Godin“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

Seth is a prolific author, he has crafted 18 bestselling books. He shares ideas on marketing, life, and doing work that matters on his blog.

Get Started: The Power Of Fear.

Brad-Burton5. Brad Burton“Spend 100% of the time being 100% you.”

Brad went from unemployed in a council estate in the north of England to the UK’s #1 motivational speaker with 3 bestselling books. His two London Real interviews (see Brian Rose below) deliver a potent dose of his informal yet effective approach to business.

Get Started: Get Off Your Arse.

Colin-Wright6. Colin Wright“You have exactly one life in which to do everything you will ever do. Act accordingly.”

Colin allows the readership of his blog Exile Lifestyle to decide where he should spend the next three months of his life. He is a professional author that produces inspirational works of fiction and non-fiction with beautifully designed covers.

Get Started: Practical Philosophy.

Vsauce7. Vsauce“It is possible for nobody to be correct, but for everybody to be right.”

Michael Stevens of Vsauce has the unique ability to break down complex scientific concepts into simple YouTube videos that can be comfortably consumed without a degree in theoretical physics. Check out his channel to have your mind blown.

Get Started: Messages For The Future.

Levels.io_8.“There will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035”

A full time digital nomad, Pieter Levels set himself the challenge of launching 12 startups in 12 months. He releases products focused on remote working, productivity and the digital nomad lifestyle that all incorporate his unique design.

Get Started: We Live In A World Built By Dead People.

Duncan-Trussel9. Duncan Trussell“You’re temporarily existing in a dimension that is actively destroying you in every single moment.”

A practicing Buddhist, actor and comedian, Duncan will blow your mind with a deep mix of philosophical insights, satire and existentialism.

Get Started: Be Here.

The-Illusions-Of-Life10. The Illusions Of Life“In order to progress, we need to let go of all the preconceived notions that have been driving us and further educate ourselves by expanding and refining our perception of reality.”

I don’t know who is behind this site, but it lays down some truth. Each pages takes you on an illuminating journey through the “rules” that we abide by everyday.

Get Started: Geography.

Brian-Rose11. Brian Rose“It’s about the journey.”

Brian moved from the world of city trader to independent podcaster, starting London Real andgiving up millions to inspire people instead, now hosts deep, insightful interviews with some of the world most original thinkers.

Get Started: Dorian Yates – London Real.

Neil-deGrasse-Tyson12. Neil deGrasse Tyson“No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don’t ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives.”

Arguably the most famous scientist in the world, Neil has amassed 4.45 million followers on Twitter and continues to enlighten his followers with a mix of humor, science and inspiration.

Get Started: The Most Astounding Fact.

Richard-Dawkins13. Richard Dawkins“Let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are all born selfish.

After reading the first chapter of Richard’s book The Selfish Gene, you will never be the same again. He has then gone on to author a number of other books covering evolutionary biology and religion.

Get Started: The Selfish Gene Explained.

Owen-Cook14. Owen Cook“Be the wolf, not the sheep”

Another established public speaker, Owen shares his views on dating, relationships and success on his immensely engaging and entertaining YouTube channel.

Get Started: F#$K The “Yes Man Society” And Walk “The Narrow Road”.

Elliot-Hulse15. Elliott Hulse“To grow into a king without the flexibility of the lover, you become a tyrant.”

Elliott may look like just another bodybuilder but no…

He wakes each morning and walks for an hour listening to philosophy audiobooks and then shares information on all things physical on his YouTube channel.

Get Started: Don’t Be Nice.

Ryan-Holiday16. Ryan Holiday“There is no good or bad without us, there is only perception. There is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means.”

A student of Robert Greene (author of Mastery and The 48 Laws Of Power), Ryan was previously head of marketing for American Apparel, helped Tim Ferris with the launch of The 4-Hour Chef, and has recently authored his own influential book: The Obstacle Is The Way.

Get Started: Turning Trials into Triumph and Rethinking Reality.

Terrence-Mckenna17. Terence McKenna“The cost of sanity in this society, is a certain level of alienation.”

At 25 years of age Terence, his brother and friends headed to the Colombian Amazon in search of a rare psychedelic plant and ever since, he authored books, theorized, and lectured on the subject of technology, culture, and of course psychoactive compounds.

Get Started: Culture.

Chris-Ryan18. Chris Ryan“‘Baby, I love you like a lion loves his kill.’ Surely, a less romantic description of marriage has never been written.”

Author of the paradigm-shifting book Sex At Dawn and a flawlessly delivered TED talk entitled: Are We Designed To Be Sexual Omnivores? Chris now hosts his own podcast dedicated to organic and uncensored conversation.

Get Started: Tangentially Speaking.

Cody-McKibben19. Cody McKibben“Stop living life with the volume turned down.”

And of course, our esteemed leader… Cody.

After losing two close friends at age 21, Cody realized “that most of us are wasting our goddamn time on superfluous bullshit…” Since then he has started this awesome community here at Thrilling Heroics, helping countless people around the world live a more meaningful life.

Get Started: Live Your Life Like A DAMN Hero.

There we have a comprehensive list of all my virtual friends, I hope you like them.


It’s time to take the power back…

Each of the individuals above has committed years, if not decades, assimilating, formulating and distributing content just for you…

To help YOU to wake up, to see clearly and to start living a more meaningful life.

The only thing I would ask of you, is to think…

Think about that one friend, relative or person in your network that you suspect could do with some inspiration and share this article with them. That is, unless you want them to be trapped in the throes of mainstream media for the rest of their time on this earth ?

See you on the other side…

Source: Stop Reading The News: 19 Mind-Expanding Alternative Media Sources

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