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These 4 Shocking Truths Will Set You Free, But At First It Will Piss You Off!

truth-liesAccording to Gloria Steinem, only truth will set you free though it may trouble you a lot in the beginning. If you are sick and tired of your life, have waited enough for lady luck to knock on your doors and shake off the illusion that your life will change on its own, then you must read on. These 4 hard truths explained in this article will help you wake up to what is really going on, but I have to warn you, it might piss you off at first.

#1: Money Deceives

The view point of the western world is that technological growth supersedes everything else and we are here to consume and use, and discard natural resources, gadgets, other species, etc. The right to shop is perceived as the ultimate freedom. In this materialistic world, progress is measured in terms of economic growth. Competition, hoarding and taking are considered to be more valuable than cooperating, sharing and giving.

This is a dangerous addiction and it is impacting the humanity as a whole as it undermines the biosphere’s natural systems. What tricks people into thinking that money is essential for survival is not the more evolved aspect of human beings, but the lesser evolved that tricks into this thinking. We presume that advanced technologies has taught us how the world works and forget the fact everything in this universe is connected.

We need to engage ourselves with the nature and cosmos to do away with the cognitive dissonance in order to make the world we live in more economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.

We are like the Pavlov Dogs. Our dinner bell is money. Money is not meant to be hoarded. It is to be circulated for the betterment of the community. It is not money that makes us better people, but health, moral and compassion.

#2: Debt Is Fiction

A nation can be conquered and enslaved in two ways. One is by using the sword and the other is through debt. Nations around the world have been enslaved by debt. What we have today is not at all an economic system. It is ecocidal system. Efficiency, preservation and sustainability are considered to be the enemies of today’s socioeconomic system.

It is a difficult task to make people understand all these things when their thoughts are clouded by money, especially debt. We need strategic access and not ownership, equality and not equity, open-minded people and not those who think in a single track and above all a sustainable economy based on resources.

It is not comforting to know that the nature is like a dictator. We can either live in harmony with the nature or deny the nature and face the consequences. We need to ask ourselves this question: Do we know how to act, behave, appreciate, value each other, survive, love and be ourselves if the economic system tumbles and relationships are no longer defined by money?

#3: Media Manipulates

It has been observed that media is an effective tool for manipulating people. We may be social creatures, but we are also psychological creatures. It is this deadly combination that makes us inadvertently susceptible to the power of suggestion.

Media is our Achilles Heel. The news that is sent to us by the corporate media is not information, but more of a disinformation. You need to be skeptical when you read through or view the information that these media provide.

The key point is that you should not believe anything that you hear and believe only 50 percent of what you see. You must analyze the information before digesting it. However, you must be prepared to reject the information if you observe any signs of deception. You should remain circumspect and also question all authority.

The media do not focus on our best interests. They are after our money so that they can remain powerful. People who are governed by habits such as relinquishing power, responsibility and competence are very good spenders. All that companies have to do is induce little panics of powerlessness, boredom, sexual failure, paranoia and mortality in them. They can be made to purchase all those attractively packaged things.

#4: Government Is A Corporate Entity

Thomas Jefferson said, “The day the control of the government falls into moneyed incorporations’ and lending institutions’ hands, it will mark the death of democracy and the American Revolution’s defeat.” We are not living in a democracy. In fact, we have never lived in a democracy. The conclusion of a study conducted by the Princeton University recently was that we are living in an oligarchy, meaning we are being ruled by some individuals who are plutocrats (rich people).

Money acts as an immoral agent in a system that is considered to be moral, but is actually otherwise amoral. You need to ask yourself whether you want to live a life of corporate slavery or a happy life doing what you love to do.

The Occupy Movement has succeeded in shifting the shape and tenor of this debate. However, we cannot be complacent about it. We need to separate big money and politics. We need to act smarter to bring about the change and allocate power within the society.

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  • ErickDean

    This is quite an excellent presentation and I would add the response of my reading
    of it as I understand its meaning (as we all come from backgrounds that account
    for our own personal views, experiences, and perspectives).

    Interesting you should mention this concept of cognitive dissonance as a barrier to
    economic, ecological, and social sustainability of the world, for on the You-Tube
    internet website there is a very well produced Mental Fitness Training Video
    program hosted by creator T. Lavon Lawrence who survived a ghetto upbringing
    and the murder of an older brother growing up in Florida to create this program which boasts an international clientele in the thousands! A fine object lesson
    for the american mind no doubt in how mind is no respecter of persons as his main
    focus in the program is cognitive development, emotional control, impulse control,
    thought control, and mastery of self, subjects the american educational systems
    have apparently found too inconvenient to implement and the college departments
    of ‘education’ have found to troublesome to bother with! I’m told Marva Collins was pursued by both Reagan and Bush to become Secretary of Education but she declined, I wonder why?

    Debt has also a link to such words as death (mort, morte, mortgage, mortuary, etc.,) not very pleasant food for thought and we usually don’t invite morticians and other folks who work in this line of business to our evening dinner or soiree parties ever. And of course as most of us should have been taught in economics in public school, our money is merely a medium of exchange and not a tool for the unnatural wielding of influence over anyone else! It is also a store of value which should be tied to some object symbolising intrinsic value, such as a precious metal (gold?, silver?)

    I’ve studied a number of commentaries concerning the so called ‘founding fathers’
    and it may be surprising to some as it was to me that a number of them had disdain for the very idea of this term ‘democracy’ including not only Mr. Jefferson, who by a
    number of biographical accounts stated that “democracy was nothing more than rule
    by a mob in which the rights of the minority can be abused by the majority” , but
    also John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and others who apparently had some sort of
    psychological conflict concerning this issue of the rulers versus the common people
    themselves, as many were wealthy aristocrats and supported President Washington
    when he in full military dress commanded thousands of federal troops and smashed
    a three year rebellion against the young american ‘republic’ (The Whiskey Rebellion
    of 1791-94) which followed a one year rebellion (Shay’s Rebellion 1786-87). There
    was also a contentious boycotting of the american constitutional convention which
    saw accusations of unwarranted stealth in discarding Articles of Confederation which were only to be ‘modified’ not disposed of secretly! In fact Alexander Hamilton formed the First National Bank of the United States which placed undue influence in the hands of the ‘plutocrats’ referred in this article.

    All these media/educational cover ups of significant historical events has lead to the
    precarious condition of the national and global markets as well as the instability and violence here and abroad. And as Adolph Hitler (quoted on a History Channel
    biography some years ago) once stated: “the most wonderful thing for governments
    is that the people don’t think”. The people who elect and re-elect the very criminals
    that are responsible for the enslavement of their minds are those responsible for
    the lack of economic, ecological, and social sustainability in this world!

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher

    Chicago, Illinois

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