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6 Beautiful Things I Discovered At Transformational Festivals

BelieveI never miss a chance to attend Transformational Festivals. Not only are they great fun, and a wonderful chance to unplug and re-boot your spirit, but they are also outstanding learning opportunities. No matter what your education level, from Drop-Out, to PHD, there is something you can learn from these life-changing events.

What is a Transformational Festival? Many have the opinion that it is just gathering of New Age Hippies, and self-styled gurus, spiritualists, and non-conformists. Nothing could be further from the truth. You will meet people from every walk of life, from uneducated nomads, and iterate philosophers, to anthropological scholars, and everyone in-between.  It is a celebration of sustainable life through music, responsibility, acceptance and learning. What makes these different than other run-of-the-mill festivals is that the emphasis is on personal transformation. The quest to find that elusive something that is the real you……the goal to learn to live in peace and harmony, not just with each other, but the entire planet as well…the search for real happiness. The focus is to positively change society, one person at a time.

You’ll be able to experience a lot of different things, such as Reiki, Meditiation, sustainable gardening, ethical living classes, classes and talks about environmental and social responsibility, Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Native American philosophy, Celtic, Druidic, and Ancient European philosophy, great musicians playing music from all over the world, spanning the entire history of the human race, and dancers from every culture teaching healing through the incredible power of dancing.  My personal favorite is the drum circles, and I always bring my instruments to participate in the unbelievable spirit-restoring power of music and drumming. For the 3 to 7 days of the average festival, it is truly a one-world community, celebrating the best that is in all of us.

Transformational festivals can help heal the world and you personally in many different ways.

1. Sustainability

By acknowledging that our current social models are unsustainable, and that better environmental models are available, it creates a responsible consciousness towards the planet, and each other, by teaching the use of Green Energy, free and clean water for everyone, leaving no trace behind, recycling and using biodegradable products, bartering and sharing, and workshops and seminars on sustainable living.

2. Sense of Community

On a social evolutionary level, we are still a tribal community. Even in large cities, we tend to congregate within our immediate areas, such as subdivisions, and such. Our ancestors created and fostered this tribal sense of community through sacred dance, music and drumming circles. Many so-called ‘primitive’ cultures still practice this to this day. Mainstream society has all but forgotten this fundamental tradition, with sometimes disastrous results. By re-introducing these simple but powerful traditions, it allows us to attain the states of heightened enlightenment needed in order to affect significant positive individual and societal change.

3. Sense of Belonging 

It is common in today’s society for a person to feel like they don’t belong, or they just don’t ‘fit-in’. We are constantly expected to act and think in certain ways that others have deemed appropriate. At any of these festivals, you will be greeted by smiles, hugs, and sense of love by complete strangers. It will feel strange at first, but you’ll get over it. Your uncomfortable feelings will quickly give way to a feeling of unconditional acceptance, for no other reason than that you are you. There are no ropes. No bouncers, and no one is turned away. It will teach you that we are all part of one huge family…all brothers and sisters, sharing the entire gamut of human history and experience.

4. Mutual Creation

Transformational festivals are made up of 100% participants. Everyone there has a stake in the festival, whether you are a musician, vendor, teacher, or just came to learn. This separates the transformational festival from other festivals in that it is an active, shared experience, rather than a passive one. If you are learning, or even just observing, you are actively participating. It creates a sense that we are all co-creators, working together for the benefit of all. It can teach you that people can work together, and support each other in order to craft a better world.

5. Learning

While most festivals have an emphasis on having fun, transformational festivals offer you the chance for greatly-enhanced learning opportunities. You will be able to attend workshops, seminars and listen to speakers on a multitude of subjects, such as Yoga, Sustainable Living, Healing Arts such as massage, reiki, and more…, At Workshops, dance and drumming, herbs and natural healing techniques, jewelry-making, personal growth, and even Martial Arts.

6. Personal Healing

There is no question that the feelings of acceptance and love can go a long way towards taming the demons in your spirit, but more than that, these festivals can teach you how to love yourself, for what you are….. something we could all stand to be reminded of frequently. You can’t really love someone else until you learn to love yourself. Studies have indicated that a significant portion of crime is a result of self-loathing1.. 

Transformational festivals have the potential to result in a significant positive effect on our society as a whole. Find one near you and attend. You’ll be glad you did.

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