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These 10 Mind Blowing Theories Will Change Your Perception Of The World

world perceptionMany theories have been overlooked for a long time by most people particularly those who do not take time to read. It is however amazing that many things we call “real” today and facts we believe are a direct result of these theories. There are many of them that are yet to be proven but hold a great possibility of manifesting as suspected. What’s more, the magnitude of any event of actualization is life changing and the wise know better that theories are inscribed with knowledge. They should be used to open up the mind and change people’s perception of the world. Let’s look at 10 mind blowing theories that everyone deserves to be aware of.

1. The Theory of Multiverse

This is perhaps the most endearing theory that expands human thinking to a whole new dimension. It sites that our universe which we know to support life might be one among million other and the possibility of having varied forms of life may not be farfetched. This theory speculates that the other universes may have inhabitants with higher or lower intelligence than ours depending on the existing conditions.

2. The Great Glaciation Theory

According to this theory, the world receives its energy from a natural process produced by motion of particles. The moving particles can release heat energy for a long time, but this process will not last forever and that is the phase this theory claims we are in. It is suspected that after this process stops, our world will be frozen to a state none can survive.

3. Solipsism Theory

This theory is so basic yet contentious due to the vivid manifestation of the facts disputing it. It claims that nothing we know exist apart from an individual’s consciousness. People are less likely (almost not at all) to doubt what can be seen, touched, smelled or heard. Solipsism however states that consciousness dictates how our world is manifested and research speculate that persons under LSD influence can touch definite hallucinations. LSD basically alters thinking, sense of time, synesthesia as well as spiritual experience.

4. The Phenomenalism Theory

The root of this theory is interaction, perception and actual vision. Philosophers who support this theory argue that objects only exist when we interact with them or see them and when we cease to do so, they similarly cease to exist. It ponders on what happens to objects when we are not using or looking at them and sites that everything simply appears as a phenomenon.

5. The Presentism Theory

This is a simple concept of thought that views reality of time and existence. It argues that past and future are imaginary and present is the only real existence since time can never exist as past or future. Basically, it implies that yesterday’s breakfast is imaginary and does not exist, just as anything attributed to future.

6. Theory of Fictional Realism 

This stems from the multiverse idea and speculates that most fictional characters we know of (batman, spider man etc) may actually exist in some universes. This theory argues that the other universes may have conditions which are right for the existence of such personalities.

7. Eternalism Theory

Eternalism is basically the opposite of Presentism, expressing that time is multi-layered and all time exist simultaneously, although they can only be seen from a specific location. It further elaborates that the point one is looking at determines what makes past or present and that 1950s, 1620s, 2014 (all centuries and times) exist together making the idea of future illusory.

8. Plato and Logos Theory

This theory is credited to Plato the great philosopher who argued that the world and everything we see is just an imitation of the perfect forms that exist. It also sites that everything is made of a single basic material the only difference being the form meaning skin, gold, denim and everything else are all the same. Discovery of atoms and molecules offer some truth to this theory.

9. Idealist Philosophy Theory

This theory was perpetrated by the author of idealism George Berkeley, who argued that everything is as a result of an idea in the individual’s brain. It emphasizes that the idea is set or in modern terms configured into ones mind from environment and doctrine/information. Without the idea in the brain, nothing is real.

10. Brain in a Jar Theory

The basic idea behind this theory is uncertainty and it speculates the existence of evil masterminds that control the realm of what we understand. It argues that we are simply brains enclosed in jars as an experiment of aliens or superior beings and nothing is real since we cannot prove or disapprove the situation. It goes back to the inability to prove existence of anything other than our consciousness.

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