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10 Tips to Harness Spirituality and Fill Your Life with Good Vibes

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Harnessing your own subtle spiritual energy can effectively increase the good vibes in your life, filling your life with positivity and success. This post from puts together a list of ten practical tips to easily raise your vibrations.

I used to view my spirituality as a quirky, weird secret that I had to hide. Today, with the rise of mainstream yoga, crystal jewelry, mass meditation, and boho fashion, I know that spirituality is something to embrace and practice every day.

Gone are the days of candles and voodoo — phewf! These days, we have supermarket aisles jam-packed with holistic soul treats that allow us to smell good, feel good (don’t pretend you’re not on the kale-coconut-goji smoothie train), and be good to our souls.

So ditch your preconceived notions of “woo-woo” and discover how many spiritual boxes you can check without even realizing it. Here are 10 ways to harness your own subtle spirituality and invite good vibes into your life:

lavender1. Use aromatherapy.

As any self-respecting person should, you probably like to smell good. Scents such as lavender, thyme, citrus, and rose smell amazing and have holistic benefits that can help heal or lift your spirits. They’re easy add-ons to your spiritual routine that will carry you through the whole day and shouldn’t attract any woo-woo attention. The easiest way to add essential oils to your morning routine is to apply small drops on your pulse points — similar to how you would use perfume. At night, consider adding a few drops to your pillowcase, or to a pre-bedtime bath.

2. Practice yoga.

Thanks to the increasing number of open-minded fitness and well-being junkies, yoga has never been more popular or accessible. Gone are the days when older ladies in the office thought you were talking openly about your bedroom antics when you mentioned downward-facing dog. Yoga is the number one workout if you want to slim down your ego and tone up your spirituality. Not only does it allow you to exercise your soul with mantras, movements, and breathing exercises, it also surrounds you with like-minded people who can help with your spiritual growth. Namaste, yo!

crystal3. Use crystals.

I’ll bet that you have a crystal in your home, whether you know it or not. Crystal jewelry and gemstone décor are making a comeback, and they are great ways to help add spirituality to your home, office, or outfit! Crystals are essentially a way to focus your intention — by holding a crystal you can regain your focus, energy, and purpose.

4. Read mantras.

A mantra is a group of words that have spiritual power — be it to motivate, inspire, heal, or calm you. Thanks to social media’s Motivational Mondays, there’s been a rise in affirmations and mantras going viral. So let’s be honest — have you shared, liked, commented, or read a mantra online? Thought so. They’re a simple but powerful way to invite positivity into your routine.

5. Establish a meditation practice.

Ellen DeGeneres is doing it. Oprah, Russell Brand, Hugh Jackman, Katy Perry, and even Clint Eastwood are doing it. And while you might want to call some of these people woo-woo, the truth is they are onto something good! Meditation is an easy way to incorporate a spiritual ritual into your day, and taking just 20 minutes twice daily is all you need to reset, rest, and recharge your mind, body, and soul.

6. Prioritize self-help.

You no longer have to suspiciously stash that self-help book you’re holding behind your jacket when you bump into someone you know. Once considered woo-woo, self-help is now considered proactive self-care. So stock up that shelf with everything you need to fuel you soul, because self-help and spirituality are part of the same family.

7. Study the stars.

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? Found yourself in a testy moody once a full moon struck? Checked out your horoscope in the local paper? Astrology is a great way to stay in tune with your spirituality and track a week or month’s soul themes without too much fuss.

holistichealth8. Explore holistic health.

Not digging your doctor and his long list of prescriptions? Lucky for you, there are a variety of holistic options you can try to keep your well-being in check, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, Reiki, naturopathy, or homeopathy. While some of these might sit high on your woo-woo scale, they present a great opportunity to explore new practices that might speak to your soul.

9. Try some feng shui decorating.

We’ve all done it: moved one thing in a room only to have it result in a two-hour shift-everything marathon. You finally stop when the new layout just “feels right.” That, my little spiritualist, is chi, and you just feng shuied your room. Look into all the feng shui tips that are out there, and see what else you can do to create subtle but spiritual differences to Zen your den.

10. Believe in the unexplainable.

Do you believe in ghosts? Fate? Soul mates? Reincarnation? Angels? Do you believe we all have a soul? These days, none of these things are considered woo-woo. In fact, from Generation Y backward there are increasing statistics that we are getting less religious and more spiritual. Woo-woo! All aboard the spirituality train!


Source: 10 Almost Effortless Ways To Bring Good Vibes Into Your Life –

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