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8 Ways Meditation Can Help You Optimize Your Brain

meditation2There are as many types of meditation as there are people who subscribe to this ancient praxis. The fundamental tenets of meditation remain relatively similar among the various types. It’s defined as a state of thoughtless awareness. It is a means of transformation of the mind. Given the properties of meditative practice, it is natural to understand why, as one’s mind becomes more transformed, he or she becomes more familiar with mental patterns and habits of the mind.

It is also plausible then that with this deepened mental clarity, the processes of one’s mind can also sharpen and become profoundly energized. So, in what specific ways can the practice of meditation help your brain become more powerful?

1. Better sleep

It is no surprise that sleep is necessary for brain function. The right amount and the right kind of sleep are essential for your brain to perform at optimum levels. Sleep allows our bodies and minds to regenerate. Meditation can help to calm the mind and, in many cases, to train your brain to enter into certain states that encourage restful, complete sleep.

2. Sharper focus

Undoubtedly, we become bored when a task is rote and doesn’t otherwise hold our attention. Sometimes we lose focus even when the task isn’t particularly boring, but something we’ve done before. Whatever the reason, allowing our brains to function without focus and awareness can be problematic. Meditation can help bring a sense of intention to performance.

3. Improved memory

Meditation aids in the development of enhancing your recall of everything from names and phone numbers to more complex processes can make a world of difference. The lucidity that meditative practice can offer allows better recollection of information.

4. Creativity

Sometimes the best way to be creative is not to stimulate our brains, but to create a mind that is devoid of thought. Emptying our minds, so to speak, can enhance our creative endeavors. Certain meditative processes are especially for this very purpose. If it is creativity you seek, a clear mind is what you must pursue.

5. Intuition

Meditation can help one to experience quiet and live in the present. This is key to increasing one’s intuition, as it also lives in the present. It is that feeling you get when the phone rings and you automatically know who it is before answering (or looking at your phone!). Meditation creates one of the best ways to access this intuitiveness.

6. Enhanced decision-making

If you struggle with decisions, even easy ones, your mind is cluttered. Failure to be able to easily arrive at a decision or, perhaps worse feeling that the decision you made is wrong or that the other choice (the one you didn’t make) was the better one is something we all encounter. A way to combat that, to optimize and enhance your decision-making abilities is through meditative practice.

7. Purposeful thinking

Our minds drift. We’re hard-wired to have thoughts that we’re not even aware we desire to have. There’s little wrong with that, unless it happens more than purposeful thought, which is done with strong intent. Time spent thinking about what we choose to think about with a clear purpose – perhaps coming up with a solution to an existing problem – is better spent than time with a wandering, aimless mind. Meditation can take the energy that you’re not currently using and apply it to this purpose.

8. Optimism

If you were consciously aware of all of the negative thoughts you thought during even one day, you’d probably be surprised. Maybe it’s an innocent and quick thought like, “I can’t do that” or maybe it’s more intentional like coming up with a list of reasons you can’t lose weight. Whatever the derivation of these feelings happens to be, they are dragging you down. It’s fine to decide to think more positively, but delving deeper via meditation could help in the implementation of an optimistic attitude and vision. Just thinking in this manner can improve overall wellness.

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    which type of meditation should i do to experience all these benefits? mindfulness or transcendental?