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11 Visionary Artists That Will Blow Your Mind

The purpose of visionary art is to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness and show what lies beyond the boundary of our sight. Through dream, trance, psychedelics and other altered states, visionary artists bring an opportunity to peek behind the vail and see the unseen.

Here’s a list of our 10 favorite visionary artists.

1. Android Jones

We will start the list of with one the more profound artists in the visionary culture. Android Jones is a trendsetter when it comes to unique ways of utilizing digital tools to create incredibly detailed pareidolic masterpieces


2. Cameron Gray

Aussie Cameron Gray’s blurs the boundaries between the light and dark in the digital art that he creates. His fantastic visions depict anatomical renditions of the human form in various stages of enlightenment and transcendence

All We Want To Be Are Dreamers-Cameron Gray

3. Alex Grey

Alex Grey is one of the rare truly-inspired artists of our age. He is best known for his paintings which portray multiple dimensions of reality, interweaving biological anatomy with psychic and spiritual energies. He not only paints humans with medical precision, but he also paints many dimensions of the actual human being. That is, he paints the actual subtle energy bodies of the human, as well as the obvious physical flesh body – creating a separate painting for each “plane” or “dimension” of the human energy field.  This is truly higher-consciousness “visioning”! His art combines the Sacred-Divine with the precision-externalization of multi-dimensional vision.

Ocean of Love Bliss - Alex Grey

4. Mugwort Artemisia (Isaac Mills)

Isaac Mills aka Mugwort Artemisia is a young lad from British Columbia. His creations can be seen gracing the covers of numerous electronic music albums.


5.  Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas’s series of work featuring trees and nature are created through an intensive process involving photography and many stages of digital rendering. And they are infinitely awesome

Andy Thomas Tropical Parasite

6. Keerych Luminokaya

Luminokaya depicts the world of vibration with incredible sensory vision. His work is a result of a huge amount of data coming from the great field of energy and information in forms of light and energy waves, visions, images, dream-state objects, trans personal visions and visions beyond personality, and also symbols, signs and channeling.

"Basic Vibrations" By Luminokaya

7. Olivia Curry

Olivia Curry works in both traditional and digital mediums and you can really see the traditional technique come through in the digital work. Olivia’s gentle strokes and feline inspiration makes for some really interesting cat pictures.

Sirius By Olivia Curry

8. Simon Haiduk 

Simon Haiduk’s works are heavily inspired by nature. His trans-realistic landscape scenes are often translated into motion graphics.

"Dream Glade"  By Simon Haiduk

9. Abhi Thati

Abhi Thati is a young artist with a hefty dose of raw talent. In addition to creating amazing digital art, he also has a live performance digital painting and video mixing act that he has toured with.

"Ascension" By Abhi Thati

10. Fabien Jimenez

Fabien Jimenez uses brilliant colors and flowing forms combined with alien-like portraits to convey otherworldly scenes.

2014_jelly_goddess-fabien jimenez

11. Jake Kobrin

Jake Kobrin is one of the hardest working artists out there. His constant training and practice in both digital and traditional mediums make him one of the artists to watch out for in the next few years. Many of his works use contrast and light in a spectacular synthesis of realism and visionary.

Jake Kobrin - Gaian Entelechy

Which one of these amazing artists is your favorite?



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