Thursday , 9 April 2020
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Smell of Alcohol Explored to Understand Alcoholic Behavior

Credit: © vladimirfloyd / Fotolia

Scientists explored the smell of alcohol as a trigger for alcoholic behavior to further understand addiction and substance abuse. This post from Science Daily discusses the study that proved that smell of alcohol makes it hard to resist. The smell of alcohol may make it harder for people to control their behaviour according to a team of Edge Hill University ... Read More »

Cancer Killing Compounds Discovered in Blushwood Tree Fruit


Scientists discovered cancer fighting compounds in the seeds of berries from Australian Blushwood tree. This post from Natural Society sheds light on how blushwood berries kill cancer in 75% of cases, and how big pharma may try to tackle the patent. Many of the pharmaceutical industry’s attempts to co-opt mother nature end up failing. When you see how many cancer-killing compounds ... Read More »

Scientists Study Bats to Learn How Humans Focus Attention


Researchers have discovered how bats screen out sounds not worth paying attention to, and this may provide clues to how humans do the same. This post from Science Daily reports what bats reveal about how humans focus their attention. You’re at a crowded party, noisy with multiple conversations, music and clinking glasses. But when someone behind you says your name, ... Read More »

Scientists Make Control Over Dreams a Reality

Image: Sergey Nivens /

A new study shows a way to gain control over dreams, indicating possible therapies for recurring nightmares and mental health problems. This post from Big Think discusses the implications of the study on potential PTSD therapy, as well as on our understanding of waking life and consciousness. Carl Jung devoted much of his professional life to analyzing dreams, much to ... Read More »

Voices of Loved Ones Do Reach Brains of Coma Patients, And Heal!


A remarkable new study shows that the voices of loved ones do reach the brains of coma patients and result in brain activity, unlike unfamiliar voices. This post from FEEL Guide describes the study and its groundbreaking results. Earlier this morning a groundbreaking new study was released by Northwestern Medicine and Hines VA, published in the journal Neurorehabilitation and Neural ... Read More »