Sunday , 5 December 2021
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Origami Inspires Tiny Medical Instruments for Less Invasive Surgery

Origami-inspired surgical tools will help surgery be less invasive Mark Philbrick/Brigham Young University

3D-printed, origami-inspired tiny medical instruments allow for smaller incisions and less invasive operations. This post from Medical Daily turns the spot light on the researchers’ idea of shrinking tools to make surgery less invasive. When it comes to surgical tools, most of us might imagine them sharp, strong, and probably made of steel. Origami, on the other hand, doesn’t usually ... Read More »

Novel by a Japanese Robot Almost Wins a Prize


A short novel co-authored by a Japanese robot passed the first round of screening for a national literary prize in Japan. This post from ScienceAlert highlights how the novel was written and judged in the literary competition. It may be time to add ‘novelist’ to the list of professions under threat from super-smart computer software, because a short story authored ... Read More »

50-Year-Old Problem of Nuclear Waste Storage Solved

view of nuclear power plant towers

Scientists figure out how to remove americium from nuclear waste pools, opening the door for one of the cleanest energy sources on the planet. This post from Science Daily highlights the technology that has been developed by scientists to make the storage of nuclear waste safer and nontoxic. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have adapted ... Read More »

Artificial Intelligence: Rise of the Machines May Aggravate Inequality

Robots manufactured by Shaanxi Jiuli Robot Manufacturing Co on display at a technology fair in Shanghai Photograph: Imaginechina/Corbis

The real danger of changes brought about by artificial intelligence is more likely to be inequality, rather than layoffs, unemployment and poverty. This post from The Guardian reviews the concerns about how artificial intelligence will reshape society. If you wanted relief from stories about tyre factories and steel plants closing, you could try relaxing with a new 300-page report from ... Read More »

China to Deploy ‘Magic Cube’ to Study the Future of Earth


Chinese scientists have unveiled a ‘Magic Cube’ super-computer that’ll be used to study the future of Earth for the coming hundreds or thousands of years. This article from turns the spot light on the “magic cube” super computer that has been placed in a northern Beijing software park. China plans to employ a special USD 14 million “magic cube” super ... Read More »

Scientists Discover Key Area in Brain Linked to Depression


Brain scientists have discovered a pearl-size region in the brain which appears to be ground zero for depression. This post from FEEL Guide discusses how the scientists conducted the study and the possibilities that the findings have opened up for future research: The mysteries of the human brain continue to reveal themselves to brain scientists — case in point being ... Read More »

Thought-Provoking Findings Confirm the Illusory Nature of Reality


New evidence confirms the illusory nature of reality. This article from The Mind Unleashed focuses on a quantum experiment undertaken by the physicists and the interpretation of its thought-provoking results: According to a well-known theory in quantum physics, a particle’s behavior changes depending on whether there is an observer or not. It basically suggests that reality is a kind of ... Read More »