Sunday , 5 December 2021
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Blatant Rigging of Financial Markets to Weed Out the Middle Class


The illuminati were amateurs when it came to rigging the financial markets to steal from the middle class. This post from Waking times reports global banking mafia being caught rigging the financial markets to destroy middle class. Billion dollar lawsuits are nothing to gold-rigging banks like Deutsche, but the proposition of spending time in jail might just have motivated the ... Read More »

Canada to Give Basic Income a Try


Basic income – a salary just for being alive, without conditions or qualifications – gives every human equal standing. This post from Tech.Mic describes how Canada will experiment with giving out basic income, a salary for just being human. When robots come to take our jobs — not just assembly-line work, but truly every kind of job — humans will ... Read More »

How to Raise Your Credit Score in A Matter of Weeks


Strengthening your financial foundation and raising your credit score are neither easy nor quick. In this post from Trulia, Claire Murdough puts you on track to tackle this huge goal one step at a time. There’s no reset button, but there are things you can do now that will help raise your score in a matter of weeks. Before we ... Read More »