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Genius Awakening was created to lead people to a better understanding of self and others in order to navigate our world at a higher and more awakened level of being. Together we will explore the depths of consciousness in order to evolve beyond our current paradigms into a world of love, joy and peace. Oksana and Larry Ostrovsky are passionate guides of this space.

Improve Your Intelligence by Changing Your Daily Routine

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Tweak your daily routine because it’s the small actions, taken every day, that add up over time to enrich your life and make you smarter. This post from discusses how changing your daily routine can actually enhance your intelligence. The inner workings of the human brain are still one of humanity’s great mysteries. As neuroscience has advanced, we’ve learned ... Read More »

22 Quotes to See the World from the Eyes of Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein was more than just a great physicist. His insightful views and witty wisdom shine through from his quotes. This post from Lifehack compiles a list of some of his most famous quotes giving you a glimpse of his genius. Albert Einstein is arguably the most famous physicist of all time. His theory of relativity forever changed the way we ... Read More »

14 Scientifically Proven Psychology Facts


Through numerous technological advances psychology has come a long way. Check out how many of these interesting psychology facts tell you about yourself. This post from Higher Perspective puts together 14 amazing psychology facts that everyone needs to know. 1. Your favorite song is likely associated with an emotional event. You and everyone else. (source) 2. Music impacts your perspective. This ... Read More »

4 Future Technologies That Will Change the World

Scientists can now see stars in great detail, as seen in this Hubble photo of one of the largest seen star-birth regions in the galaxy, the Carina Nebula.

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From ending natural disasters, to flying to London in an hour, scientists are working on future technologies to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges. This post from The Canberra Times highlights the emerging areas of space technology that scientists are active in. Imagine a world where severe storms, tornadoes and flash flooding are no longer a threat to human life. ... Read More »

How to Rewire Your Brain for Greater Compassion and Healing


You can not only rewire your brain toward the good in life and have better relationships, but you can literally get unstuck from automatic negative thoughts. This post from Psych Central explains a procedure that can nudge your subconscious mind toward mindfulness, health and well-being. If you’ve followed my work, you’ve probably heard me talk about or read something I’ve ... Read More »

Understanding Illusion and Universal Reality

Lama Yeshe meditating in the botanical gardens, Berkeley, California, 1974 Photo donated by Judy Weitzner.

When you change your attitude, your view of the sense world changes as well. The first step to real wisdom is a deep understanding of what is reality and what is illusion. This post from Elephant Journal helps in understanding the nature of universal reality of all relative existence. Tibetan texts on tantric yoga sometimes say that you should see ... Read More »

Are You an Introvert or Are You Shy? 24 Ways to Find Out


Someone who is an introvert and shy behaves differently from someone who is an introvert and not shy. If you need to understand the difference, here’s help. This post from Lifehack lists 24 signs of a person who is an introvert but not shy. Many people believe that being an introvert and being shy are the same thing- but this ... Read More »

How Sensationalism Is Destroying the Performing Arts


Performing arts now rely on breaking the taboo to attract viewers. Unfortunately, this means each new piece must dare to go further than the last. This post from The Epoch Times analyzes how fine arts and performing arts have changed over time and how sensationalism-based theater has few, if any, taboos left to smash. Does it take sadistic perversity to ... Read More »

Make The Power of Solitude Work for You


Solitude can lead to a powerful connection with self. So, spending time alone, when done right, can be good for us. This post from MindBodyGreen highlights the necessity and potential benefits of solitude. Whether it’s loved ones, neighbors, colleagues, friends, acquaintances, or strangers, our days often consist of having to interact, to talk, to listen, and to give of ourselves, ... Read More »